What motivates you or what do you do when you don’t feel motivated?

Sophie Z.
Fear of not achieving what I want and succeeding how I want to succeed I want my future to be better and brighter than my present
Fiona O.
Ce qui me motive c'est de compléter mes tâches unes par unes tout les jours sans en oublier, et de voir qu'à la fin de la journée il n'y a plus de cases vides et que je peux me détendre. Quand je ne suis pas motivée j'essaie de faire les choses les moins compliquées et de remonter au fur et à mesure de la journée (this text is in French)
Everaldo B.
Doing yoga, climbing a high peak and walking in the street motivate me, but when i dont fell motivated,i dont do any thing and i just eat and sleep, becaus i feel i need a person to be my exercises partner and have many things in common together
Fernando N.
I listen to music. If I get in the mood, I think of something, such as a feature of nature or a place that I want to go see, but obviously close enough to run to and get outside. I would do it in the early morning or the afternoon when its cool enough to go out and about. I hope this helped
Meagan E.
My best friend is my accountability partner when it comes to working out. She keeps me motivated. But otherwise I just remind myself that even though I don’t want to right now, I’ll be SO happy that I did.