How do you know what’s too small of a workout for the beginning?

Oliver Z.
I think nothing is too small, cause at the beginng you just have to make space for a new thing in your routine, so, if you hate exercising and absolutelly dont want to start, maybe even just putting on your gim cloths may help you to set a new abbit and then, ones it's set up you can start to ad something more. So i think that you can start with what ever you may like, but it's important that, ones your good with wat you're doing, you progress, cause otherwise it'll be useless. I hope it was clear cause my English is nothing but perfect
Kristopher Q.
I defer to the experts. There is a lot of noise in the details of fitness guidance, but amongst the sciences there is a great consensus on the general long terms benefits of exercise. From those data, I think any thing you do that can raise your heart rate to your target band (age/weight/etc) counts, as well as just a couple minutes of dynamic stretching when you can, or similar activities, whenever you can, will be enough to count. Safety first; it would be counter productive to pull a muscle or throw out your back for the sake a getting started on a new program. Just be aware of the potential negative side effects of adding more exercise to you life: NONE! Have at it.