Most times I am too tired at the moment to exercise… What would be easy light things I could do??

Jamie F.
As they say, putting on your sneakers is the hardest part of a workout. Use strategies to get motivated to start, and once you are moving you will have momentum to continue.

The great thing about exercise is that it increases energy. If you are feeling too tired to exercise, simply start moving around, go for a walk, jump up and down, or turn on some music to dance to.

After a few minutes of activity, you will likely feel more energetic and more inclined to do your planned exercise.

Listening to fun music and reading/reciting motivational statements can also motivate you to get up to exercise.

I hope you find this helpful. Good luck and have fun!

Dwayne C.
Try a 7-minute workout! There are a ton on YouTube and some great apps as well. It’s easy to fit 7 minutes in, and then you feel great having done it!

Aaron E.
Lately what I’ve started doing on days I am crazy busy or overwhelmed or just tired is put in my earbuds and put on a guided meditation. I’ll have already gotten ready for my day and walk around my block 10-15 minutes. After that, I grab my things and get on my way. It’s a good combination of grounding and pushing myself to go outside the box of what I typically would see as feasible.

H L Na G.
There are a few exercises which are more revitalizing than others. For example, working out at the gym makes me feel tired, claustrophobic and not energized. However, going for a swim, or skipping a rope makes me feel more energized. I suggest you figure out what exercise excites you and stick to it.

Elijah O.
I do a 10 minute stretching routine as soon as I wake up. It's not extensive but it kick starts the day and motivates me to do more. I worked out that I prefer morning activity after starting it and go for a short run afterwards now.

Marice F.
It would be to, at the very least do at least a minute of exercise or stretching. That means even if you feel you cannot do it full length today, doing it even for a short while is enough to say you did it today. Consistency over Intensity

Larissa E.
At the moment it is still about the habit for me. So i feel even 5 min of exercise is better than none. As long as I can fit in even 5 min of exercise it means I’m still improving.

Connor P.
From my experience I should remember that this habit will make you feel better once you start it. So first thing is put some music you like and start to move your body.

Antoine S.
10 minutes of yoga, some stretches or mobility exercises, there’s a lot of resources online. What could be real motivating is if you set yourself a goal, whether it be a set amount of reps for a dynamic exercise, a challenging yoga posture or a cool calisthenics hold, you can work on it 10-15 minutes everyday and watch yourself get closer to that goal. It’s better than that random video you have coming up on YouTube auto play or scrolling through Facebook. Just tell yourself, it can’t hurt and you’ll start working more and more automatically from there as soon as you form a habit. Good luck!

Leonardo J.
Just get started. Walk. Do yoga or stretching. Find a friend and go out together to the park and excercise there. Walk your dog. Look for public events online where music and dancing or yoga, Fal Un Gong, biking or other activities are. Do what gets you excited about going out and getting up. Do what you love and you will more motivated to get active.

Lea P.
The best that works for me is to do a few pushups. Don't think just do. Reducing time between thinking and actually doing is sometimes let for me to actually do them. Otherwise you can walk around house and stretch your arms, your legs, back, neck etc… Another thing you can do is get those things with springs you can press with your fingers. I used to carry one of them in my pocket and pressed it many times on my commute to school. Or get a Powerball you can train your arms with even while sitting behind a computer. Find anything simple enough you can do while doing other things (like commuting) and give it a lash 🙂

Alison E.
Go for a walk and that would make you feel better. Maybe after a walk, you will be more energized to do some more heavy exercise.

Alison E.
I would do at least a single pushup. Once you're down there it's easy to do 2 or 4 more. That's 5 push-ups! Then do 5 situps. You'll see it's not that difficult and be encouraged to try again tomorrow. Maybe even 10!

Arron B.
Squats. In a standing position, extend your arms straight in front of you, bend your knees and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold for 1 second and come back up again. Do it for maybe 5 reps if you wanted to start small. Then maybe do 2 sets of 5 reps, etc. You might want to look at resources online for the proper form, but the exercise is simple and doesn't require much preparation or energy.

Gustav X.
An easy light thing to do would be to take my dog for a walk around the block, or too dance around to my favourite song.

Ellen S.
– add 5-10 steps to wherever you are going
– do one of each thing you would do: 1 push up, 1 sit up, 1 squat…eventually you will do 2, then 3, et cetera
– March in place while on a phone call
– if meeting with someone one on one, do it while taking a walk
– stretch completely and fully
– commit yourself to 30 seconds of high intensity activity, like a sprint… You will work your way up

Levi O.
A great easy exercise I do when I am tired or sore is yoga. Finding an easy 10 minute routine is a great way to get your exercise in.

Claudia C.
I have been advise to eat a fruit or a light & nutritious snack (carrots & houmous, a handful of almonds, apple & peanut butter…) what ever works for you. When you try to exercice after work, it might also be the stress of the day that is coming down & makes you feel relaxed & fatigue. Ease into the exercice with the warmup, it’s the best way to reconnect with your body gently, while you focus on you session of the day, set your goals, focus on what the coqch is saying. If you work out alone, I highly suggest fitness classes thorough podcasts. My favorite app is aaptiv but there are lot’s more. Final point, I love to dress nicely, prepare a nice outfit & my gym gear, it’s something I look forward to put on & which motivates me in the way. My exercice is crossfit because socialising is a huge part of it & Seeing people I am friendly with adds to the motivation! Hope that helps, keep trying, it’s totally worth it !!

Alma E.
Do a little dancing in a gentle way just feel free and imagine you are a garden full of lots of beautiful flowers with different colours and the wind is blowing lightly and the sun is shining and bleming through the trees and the birds are singing 🎶

Emilie F.
I like to dance. So one thing that I am doing is I’ve made a short eight minute playlist of dance music that I really love that provokes my mind to want to get up and move. And then I just turn it on and dance in my room until the playlist is over.

Lily U.
I have started walking in the evenings since I’m not a morning person. It also is a nice way to unwind for the day. I use it to meditate or use a mindfulness time. I usually set out to walk at least 30 minutes, but really I try to get in two miles so I go just beyond my 30 minute exercise time. I have a bike path through a wooded area near a creek so it’s very peaceful for me.

Gabriela T.
Leg lifts are something easy you can do while lying down. I'll lift my legs to a 45 degree angle from the couch and either hold them there or do repetitions. It's good for your legs and core.