What’s your favorite exercise that you think is the most effective?

M Lissa C.
I just started doing Body Groove, it's like dancing but you actually exercising. I love it. Tricks your mind into thinking you're having fun but you're working out. It's not hard and it fun.

Franz Peter O.
I don't really know which one is my favourite, I honestly like all of them, but I think the most effective at planks and squats

Bernard T.
My favorite exercise that is the most effective is crunches or sit ups. This exercise is the best I’ve ever done. I used to do this everyday for a couple months. I found that, that was so effective in my abs and slowly gave me that abs effect. I looked like I had abs and my core grew so much from doing that. I think that this is a great workout that makes you more in shape and makes you feel good!

Milo A.
I like dancing for exercise, especially doing dance exercise classes like Zumba. You get all the benefits of a good workout, and the fun of grooving to the music 🙂