How can I lose weight without it coming back?

Sophie C.
I haven’t achieved this, but adopting new habits to replace old habits. Old habits like not good portion control can be replaced with better habits like exercising. Trying to make this happen
Evandro P.
You need to change the foods you eat forever. If you eat a low fat / high protein diet with no refined suger you will lose weight slowly and stay at that weight.
Tadeu Q.
A fun fact is you don’t actually need to eat the amount of food, or the calories. Try to change your eating habit, e.g, reduce the amount and see how you feel.
Nikolaj F.
1- eat healthy (mostly unpacked food)
2- exercise 2-3 days a week
3- stop eating or eating very little after 18-19:00
4- check weight everyday in the morning (so I can adjust how much I eat in the day accordingly)

That should be enough 😀

Leah F.
Excersise every day, and start building up my workout routine. Also mix it up! I could change up what I’m doing in my fitness routine every couple days.
Alexander P.
By maintaining your new lifestyle choices to the point where it then becomes your “normal” lifestyle. Reverting to your old ways of eating etc will take you back to your “old” lifestyle that you obviously wasn’t happy with…
Marilou E.
"Just" eat less calories than I burn each day.
Get regular schedule to eat, to avoid snacks and one time over eating. Choose healthy if possible. Get others in your house to help you
Jean O.
Food is the medicine. I mainly eat plant based delicious meals and recently joined this “ Rawk the year” program because it provides the structure and loving accountability that I desire. All these are strategies. But we first have to be clear about our why and clear any limiting beliefs around our body and weight. I firmly believe that our body listens to our thoughts. If they are negative and self deprecating all the time, then it may be a challenge to lose weight. Just my two cents!
Sander U.
Adopt a healthy diet that you can sustain forever. Make sure it's not something that feels like a sacrifice. Exercise and be patient. Slow progress is better than no progress.
Albert C.
Don’t overwhelm yourself or think too big. Make small incremental steps that are attainable within your day to day living and sustainable long term. The slow progress makes the biggest long term impact, like running water.
Landon T.
Educate yourself on what is necessary and avoid quick fixes or fad diet. What ever you want to do, it needs to be a consistent lifestyle change rather than just a diet, otherwise you will just go back to where you were before.
Gladys G.
Focus on the 4 areas of total fitness:

1) Diet
2) Excercise
3) Sleep
4) Stress Management

Start by focusing on the area that is suffering the most and then work on the next area until you have all four areas under control.

Jade G.
working hard every single day. once you begin to lose weight don’t stop and don’t think that’s it. no. being in shape is an ongoing process, it doesn’t end. if you want to maintain your fitness then you need to work very hard. let go of the excuses and just get started. and once you start, don’t stop.
Roland E.
Don't diet to hit a target weight and then go back to normal. Make eating lighter and less your new way of life. Eat less meat. Eat more veggies. Keep moving. Experiment with intermittent fasting. Allow yourself some cheat time, but just commit to a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life.
Alfredo P.
It has to be a lifestyle change. Diets do not work. Making small ha it changes that are sustainable. For example, decide to start drinking more water each day. Do this for a couple weeks and then add that you’ll start adding in more servings of vegetables. Do this a couple weeks. It truly is a mindset and habit change. You can do it!
Mads Z.
It works differently for all people, of course, but one thing that I could recommend is to keep your diet and exercise going. Even after you’ve reached your weight goal you need to be consistent and determined with diet and exercise in order to not gain weight or loose your muscle mass again.
Violet X.
You have to change the habits that made you gain weight. If not, anything else will just postpone the inevitable. Change the way you see food to achieve lasting progress. I control my diet and reward my efforts with 1 cheat meal a week. 1 week of good equates to 1 bad meal. But I keep it under 100 carbs. Daily intake less than 30 carbs on average.
Pauline Z.
I do not know the answer to this. I have spent my adult life trying to keep the weight off but am failing. I kept it off until menopause and now I gain while eating health, exercising and eating clean. I anticipate I am keeping myself from gaining even more weight by staying consistent. What I do know is eating healthy and exercising makes me feel good and that is what is most important
Rachel J.
I no longer think of my weight in this manner. This is the thought of the beginner inside fitness. Once the habit of good exercise is concrete you will notice the shift in your mindset as you reach your goals. This transformation is natural and comes with the enlightenment that weight is not the goal of fitness. Initially it may cause people to begin to exercise but as you reap the benefits and lose the initial weight from your good habit you have to set new goals. I generally see the goals shift from weight as the focus to the want to be stronger. With a ritual exercise habit it is normal to only worry about the way your close fit not the amount you weigh because at some point after weight lose you will begin muscle gain. Muscle gain can cause an increase in weight but at this point your body is ritually toned firm sleeker than before. Meaning as a now size 6 from the 12 I was before I only have a 15 pound weight lose if you look at my analytics but I actually lost 25 and gained 10 pounds in muscle mass. Overall I look smaller than that but my strength does not come from the idea of what another individual thinks I weigh. The mindset will shift if you continue to reach small fitness goals that add up to big ones.
As Lio E.
Ask Fabulous :). By implementing good eating and exercising habits. Which basically means consistency throughout your life. Math is simple, you shouldn't eat more calories than you can burn. Just healthy dieting and active life alone without much excercise can keep your bodyweight stable.
Crystal X.
You can lose if you are in a caloric defecit. Which means you have to put less calories in tour body than you us. For example: my body needs 2100 calories to funtion. But if put 1900 calories, then it will take energy from the fats or mucsels of your body. And to not come back you have to know that you shouldt eat over less and do more activity.

Yours faithfully,
Mahsa from the Netherlands

Danielle Q.
Don't go for short term, unsustainable, well-marketed diets. Choose a lifestyle that is sustainable for you in the long run. Know what is the calorie requirement based on your BMR and stick with it.
Dener Q.
I used Weight Watchers and even after reaching my goal, I continue tracking my calories to hold myself accountable for what I eat.
Dick Z.
I’m fighting that fight myself.
1. You must evaluate who do you hang around with; sometimes the people around —inadvertently— sabotage you. “Come on! Just a pice of cake! It’s my Birthday!” “I baked this specially for you!”
2. Try to change your environment so it will help you be more active during meal times…
3. Drink a glass of water before every meal, no matter how small.
4. Don’t stay up late. 😊 It is surprising how much one eats just because one is awake too late…
5 Change the size of your plates to a smaller size (the idea is for smaller portions to look bigger) 😊
If you have any suggestions for me, I’d be glad to read about them
Leah P.
Implement a lifestyle change that works for you personally & remain consistent. Keeping weight off is 80% about what you fuel your body with.
Tracey F.
I have to be consistent with the food choices I make as well as getting active but the most important part is that when I have a step back or I treat myself is not to stop but just keeping going. I want to remind myself that is only one meal or it was just one day and is okay but I need consistent make the better choices.
Malo S.
The only sustainable weight loss is a lifestyle change. Short term diets or training schedules will only help until you fall back to your old habits. To make it easier, start small, see if you can find low calorie versions of the food you would eat anyway, maybe take a walk instead of sitting down in front of the television. Nothing rigorous and strict will stick in the long run, but small changes that make an easy difference will
Dale A.
A change of lifestyle is imperative. The changes you make during a diet need to be sustainable in the long run apart from slightly increasing your caloric intake once you reach your target weight. This doesn’t mean you should start eating like you did before… thats what got you in this position. Just calculate a maintenance level of calories and consume those in a healthy balanced diet.
Oscar X.
Well, you just need to change your life style but not to diet because dieting is just for an amount of time. So when you stop dieting unfortunately you will gain what you lost on the past month or year. So you should change your life style completely in order not to gain what you’ve lost, because changing your life style is not for a period of time it is for the rest of your life.
Ilse F.
Maintain the habits that got you there. It’s a lifelong process to choose health, not a short term fix or diet. Make your healthy self part of your identity.
Florian U.
Slowly. Don’t try harsh diets, just include better and better meals and excercise the way that is fun for you. Start with baby steps, but be consistent. Give yourself more love, you deserve it 😉