Where do you find inspiration to exercise?

Alice I.
For long time I hated my body. I had too belly fat and this was the worst insecurity I had. I cried so much because of my belly and it was really frustrating. Now, I decide to improve myselfe fo have a better personal view. I know I can be better so, let's do It.
Rachel X.
I was born with spina bifida and i exercise to relieve some of the pain my body endures everyday. It helps my stretch out my limbs to relieve some of the pressure as well as keep my weight down a bit.
Andree U.
I have standard poodles and they require exercise – even when I can’t “place me as a priority”, I can remember to take care of them and walk them.
Samnkele O.
I believe it’s all about having a goal and wanting to reach that goal. Discipline is the key factor to get you to wake up every four days and exercise.