What type of exercise do people engage in to for within a busy schedule?

Liva W.
Even simple stretching for 8 min is a starting point. Being less stiff energizes me. I catch up on Fabulous's reading while my legs are stretching on the bar stool.
Frederik W.
I do little things like: use stairs for part/all of the lift instead of the elevator; park farther away from the destination; find a reason to walk, like taking a book to the library. My building has a room with exercise machines where I divide my exercise between 3 or 4 different machines, which makes the time go faster. Also, I exercise at the beginning of the day and don't have to think about it as I go about my day.
Thomas S.
I have way better days when I start with yoga. At home, roll out of bed, and roll onto the mat. I have an online subscription, which is cheap and has huge variety. That way I can spend the right amount of time and energy for the day. Sometimes it's gentle and 15 minutes, but it still makes me feel in control of my day!
Ferdinand X.
My job drains me of any energy at the on of the day. But it doesn't allow me to be very active, either. I try to exercise before work, but during the day I take small walks. Sometimes, it is something as small as walking to the copier ALL the way at the end of the hallway a few times an hour. Maybe we circle the park before getting coffee.
Philip R.
Dance. You just need one song to burn calories. A good pumping, happening song. It would take less than 4 minutes and will make you feel good physically and mentally.
Lauren O.
I do the 7-minute workout, I use the app. It's all bodyweight workouts and it targets my whole body
Mikkel W.
Short pilates videos. Trying to walk 10,000 steps per day with a 12.5lbs sand vest on.
T Nia P.
One you can't put off or avoid. Even better, if it's something you have to do to get your responsibilities done. For example, I commute on a bike within town, and walk places in the City.
Duane P.
10 min HIIT workout
Darrell S.
Try doing a 7-minute without. There’s a plethora of apps on the App Store and you can workout wherever suits you best. Try the garden for a quick high intensity workout without the cost of a gym and without the time going to the gym takes up.
Ruth E.
I downloaded the app and follow it, which is great for a beginner like me because it starts from an easy step and gradually be more challenging.
Elias C.
You can do short stretching sessions or exercises like sit-ups, push-ups etc.
Also, a ten minute run is better than no run
Philip Y.
I use a fitboard (got it at Target). It is an easy way to get my heart rate up for 5, 10, or 20 minutes, and it is small and easy to store. I slide it out from under my bed in the morning and use it for 5 minutes to loosen my muscles. I also have one at work the I use for 5 minute intervals when I have been sitting at my desk too long. I have a private office so I don't have the awkwardness of fitboarding (which looks ridiculous when you do it) in front of others. I also use my one at home when I am watching TV for 20 minute workouts. Sometimes my 2 year old will sit in the middle of the board and provide extra resistance 😉
Johnni U.
The 7 minute work out is perfect as it's short and can be done in the morning before work. Also adding more walking and stairs instead of lift and being phisecly active while going about your day
Sander P.
I don't have much time in my day, so try to keep the exercise short. The one I feel has the most impact and the shortest time is the plank. I started with 30 seconds and then added 5 seconds or so every few days until got to a minute and a half. Think everyone has that long 🙂 If you've got a few more minutes and want something more intensive, the 7-minute workout is really good. Other than that, I generally try to fit a bit of exercising when waiting for something, like the coffee being made in the morning or food getting heated up in the microwave for lunch.

Hope this helps!

Greta Z.
Early morning bikram or vinyasa yoga. If you wake up early and attend a 6:15 or 7am class, you complete it before your day starts and before the busy schedule begins.
Arlene S.
Hi, I am probably not one to go to ask that question! I am a very senior senior. MY husband and I live a lovely lifestyle after nearly 45 years of his working, mostly all over the world. I filled my life with 5 days a week volunteering in Paliative Care Units where people are dying. When 9-11 occurred, my husband was not allowed to fly until January. His main base was New York City, while I live in Canada. He was allowed to come home from England, where he was doing his work on that horrible day.
When he arrived home, he told me that he would have to work with his staff from where we lived, because the building that over 700 of his firm's company was across from the towers and it was badly damaged. All offices and apartments of partners who used them, had to give them up to allow those 700 workers places in which to work. Therefore, we started our living together, 24/7. Fortunately, we found out that after spending at least 40% of our married lives apart, We were still very happy together! It's a 60 year marriage, so far!
Okay, now to your question! I had quite a few friends who worked in New York offices. They had full and busy lives. We talked about how they fitted in some exercises or activities. Basically, most of them told me that they went to work in sneakers, having left their heels in their workplace. They would get off the subway several blocks earlier and they would walk to their work. They also said that during lunch break, they would climb up and down several sets of stairs. Week-ends, they ran, jogged, bicycled, swimming, etc.
I was not athletic until about 10 years ago. However, I always went to a pool for my exercise, stretching and floating while meditating for about 1 & 1/2 hours, At least twice a week. When I was a young mother with three boys in less than 4 years, by choice, there were times that I had to know that I could find some time for me to unwind. I still do that to this day! At least, I love stretching. I do that in bed before I get up to start my day. I stretch every muscle you could think of, including my double chin, wrists, ankles, spine . It takes me an hour or more, but my husband does his thing and my 14 year old Shih Tzu, Mischief, doesn't like to get up until about 10:00 AM!
I hope my long-winded answer helps you, Merry Christmas and I wish you to enjoy a healthy and happy New Year with lots of laughter! Bye bye.
Lyam Z.
There are many great ways I have seen, but one is the seven minute workout app. Make it intense and it won't matter if it's short.
Christina T.
Luckily I work from home but i still have a busy schedule. I try and walk my talk during lunch and after work. I also try and get in a 15-20 min yoga or 30 minutes of strength training.
Caroline W.
Body weight exercise,just 30 minutes will do for a hectic schedule, download an app for your guide so you can achieved your daily exercise
Gl Ucia Z.
I do a 10 minute routine everyday. It's not much, but 10 minutes is easier to do consistently with a busy schedule. I do push-ups, crunches, and lunges.
Lina F.
People should always take at least an hour for exercise. Makes us fit, growth of body gets boosted and we feel energised
Sofie G.
When I'm busy I take a little time off, just to stretch and do a plank, or some push-ups etc. Helps me switch from thinking to body and improves my mood immediately. Also I search for opportunities to walk rather then ride, take the stairs instead of the elevator etc.
Andr A Q.
For me that are exercises like yoga or core stability. It works like meditation in action. While I am busy doing my exercises, it gives my mind the change to think things over, to process stuff or to just focus on my body, how it feels and what my muscles are doing. I also love to go for more intensive workouts like running, and then just set your mind to the workout only, but what I like about the more stretching and meditating kind of workout is that, because of the slower movements and the more attention you have for the movements, it’s also good for your state of mind.
Tobias Z.
Yoga -classes with a qualified instructor that will encourage your practice are preferred but there are lots of free online options with great people.
Meditation – I use an app for that.
Gym – one that offers a variety of classes and plenty of machines.