What is the best kind of breakfast?

Karen T.
I like a breakfast with a good amount of protein and healthy fats, rounded out with fruits and/or veggies! Some of my favorites are —
Steel cut oats with nut butter, chia seeds and seasonal berries OR savory style, cooked in broth with soft boiled eggs, and bacon or ham, sauted green onion and halved tomatoes on top!

Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms and served with raw tomatoes or with leftover ground meat mixed in.

I also like tuna or egg salad scooped up with celery, bell pepper wedges, sliced cucumbers or wrapped in lettuce leaves or soups or salads or even leftovers!

Z Ica P.
I like whole grain cereal with almond milk and some fruit. I prefer fresh but frozen works too. It is easy, fast and nutritious. I eat less than a cup of cereal.
Gary T.
A good breakfast is whatever you like. It’s always good to try new, but as long as you have a basis for what your breakfast should be, then that’s your breakfast.
Natascha U.
My favourite is something warm and hearty. Eggs Benedict with salmon. But often in the morning i dont want any fuss. The oatmeal was relatively successful. Must figure out how to incorporate some protein. Peanutbutter or maybe yogurt. Also it doesnt keep me full for very long either
Em G.
For me, as a night person, who isn't always hungry or ready to actually make a good breakfast in the morning, I like something that requires minimal effort to make, or that I can have sitting out all ready. Bananas and a scoop of peanut butter or srambled eggs are the perfect choise for me. Bananas and peanut butter don't require any prep, and eggs can be made the night before and re-heated, or made quickly and easily in the morning before I go to work. 🙂
Hans Friedrich J.
Best kind of breakfast is one that provides long slow energy and nutrients to start the day. It should keep me going and not rely on snacking.
Alejandro B.
From my point of view, a great t breakfast is a mix of oatmeal, some fresh fruit, seeds (chia, flaxseed,…), Soy drink and a good tea.