I twisted my ankle a couple of months ago. Do you know any exercises to a) strengthen the ankle, and b) do without irritating it?

Eliot T.
I broke my ankle 6 months ago and am doing PT now… it’s been a long journey and I have a ways to go! First strengthening exercises I received are heel raises, modified lunges with foot up on couch- leaning into bad foot for mobility, and using a strap to pull back on bad foot when seated with leg straight out in front of you.
Maddison N.
The best thing to do right now would be to rest and not attempt any excercises that might aggravate it more. If you are dying to do something, you could do some exercises to strengthen your foot arch as this will help prevent injury in the future. Some of these exercises include picking up small objects like legos with your toes and placing them in a jar, curling a towel or blanket with your toes and then spreading it out again with your toes, and rolling your feet on a tennis ball. These might seem like small and insignificant things to do, but it will help with injury prevention and is actually harder than you think. Once your ankle is healed enough, you can try to add some ankle strengthening too: do each for 30 yards: walk on heels forward and backward, walk on toes forward and backward, walk on outside of feet forward and backward, walk on inside of feet forward and backward. Just be patient with yourself and never loose hope!
Frances O.
In my ballet training, we strengthened our ankles often. You can sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front, put an elastic workout band under the arches of your feet and hold it with both hands, then flex and point your feet. Start with very little resistance!
Meredith X.
I have hyper mobility in my ankles. I know this struggle well. 🙂 I've been a fan of writing the alphabet twice with my toes-big movements (so a full circle for "O", etc ). It's big and easy to remember how to do.
Ashley Y.
I did this a bit ago as well! I rested/elevated it a few days and did calf raises and ankle pumps before getting back into my walking routine!
Ginger Q.
I don't know about strength, but there's great video workouts from Joyn that you can do seated, low impact or more impact. Maybe check that out?
Tatiana X.
Use your foot as a pencil and try to write the ABC's in the air… This will strengthen all the muscles in your ankle and won't be too strenuous to irritate the nerves…
Alexia Y.
I think just slowly moving your foot in a rotation and then just messaging it. I never twisted my ankle but I have had pain there and I would do this and it’d be fine. But i think if it was months ago it should’ve healed by now so just slowly move it around.
Emma C.
So I have a weak ankles so I usually do exercises that strengthen the ligaments such as standing on 1 foot going up and down on your tippy toes 16 times each foot then I Bought a plank that is on a ball and try to stay on it without moving to much if you have anymore questions
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Shea C.
I know a couple exercises because I broke my ankle before. There is one for when your ankle is mostly healed, and it’s supposed to help it get used to moving around again. It’s where you take your foot in your hand and move the foot around slowly and in all different directions. It works pretty well. I highly recommend 😉
Maha M.
Firstly do bed rest as it's very dangerous to do hard exercise if injury is on ankle , it can give sprain. After you feel better than start with slow movement and than regular 🙂
Helen N.
Best to consult your doctor and/or orthopedic and a physical therapist. Stay safe, stay healthy, and wish you a speedy recovery!