I have just started a little bit of yoga in the morning, however when I’m rushed it’s the first thing to go. How have you integrated exercise consistently in your life?

Eckart Q.
Although we get energy when we exercise and we want to do it ti have that energy for the rest of the day, its ok if you wont be able to do it in the morning if you were in a rush. Do it in the afternoon. Or! At least have 8-10 min, just to get that boost of energy. You can even exercise on your bed! Find ways that can fit on your schedule and sometimes be felixble about it! Good luck!
Essence J.
I’m also rushed in the morning but I do my squats daily either at school around 10:00 or if I forgery to do them for the day i do them after I get home from practice. So even if you can’t do it in the mornings as planned it’s fine you can still do them.
Elias U.
I've recently started body weight exercises before breakfast, usually take 5-10 minutes to do them, but more often 5 than 10. I'd rather do 10 everytime, honestly, but I'm okay with it for now. If I don't see gradual improvement towards 10 minutes, I know I'll have to work on it actively in the future. For now, I'm glad that I'm exercising at all in the morning, since I'm not much of a morning person. To talk about skipping exercise: I'm guilty of that too, also mostly due to limited time, can't recommend any solution to that yet 🙂 Good luck on keeping up the habit!
Thea Z.
It can be hard to do exercise at the same time in the morning at first. So, do it at a convenient time during the day and remember that you will definitely feel better if you do yoga. Feeling the satisfaction and reminding yourself are important steps to create a regular habit.
Avery Q.
I'm trying to get up earlier, try to make it as important to you as coffee or tea or even going to bathroom in the morning. That's what works for me,but you can try to find your own way to include yoga in your routine^^
James Z.
Although it's best to exercise in the morning, I find that if I miss it then I would normally brush that day off and focus it on doing it the next but that would end in a vicious cycle. I think the focus needs to be on doing it at some point in the day, whenever you can fit it in. The exercise is the main part, timing second. Hope this helps!
Alyssia S.
For me the hard part was keep doing it. Then I realized that if I put in paper my goals related to exercise will helpe to meet trying. For me is all related to my mental health, helps me to have more energy in the morning and a better sleep!
Eberhardt F.
It’s a hard thing to try to balance, but it’s literally just one of those things that you have to fit in when you can. Consistency might not start off being at the same time every day, it can start as being whenever you have time, and then you might find that “when you have time” ends up being around the same time anyway. It’s nice to exercise in the morning to wake you up, but if you don’t have the time, it’s important at any time of the day
Mathilde Q.
Don’t laugh, but what has worked for me is to exercise in my pajamas. I do some quick stretching or a few pushups before I get in the shower. I save anything more intense for evenings after work.