I live in a dorm and don’t have much personal space to work out in, what are some good exercises to do in a tight space?

H Lger Q.
Good exercises that don't require much space or even equipment are sit ups/crunches, push ups, planks, leg lifts, and pretty much all yoga
Michelle S.
Do bodyweight basics like Push ups and Squads. Also you can get a cheap pull-up bar for your door. You can do Rows under a table. Some flexibility training is nice as well.
Theres C.
I also live in a smaller space — an apartment in a big city — and I find that the fabulous workouts seem to work for me. I would recommend getting a yoga mat, and that’s about as much space I need for the entire workout.
Mich R.
Jumping the rope. Jumping jacks. Mountain climbers. Wall squats. Push ups against the wall would be some cardio exercises. Pilates and yoga usually just need about the space of the mat…so most movements are not so space consuming and its relaxing, good for your mind and body and prevents injuries and problems coming from one sided activities like sitting in the office or in front of a computer. There are a big variety of small space workouts on YouTube as well to mix it up a bit. And never forget the warm-up and the cool down 😉
Samuel F.
I think jumping jacks, squat, jumping squat, high knees running in place, back legs running in place are the best to do in a tight place!