How long is your exercise session on average?

Axelle Y.
I’m doing the 10 minute stretch exercise. I’m not in a good enough shape/don’t have the energy to do a more intense routine but the stretching one is just challenging enough for me. I feel proud of myself every time I finish just for being able to complete it.
Jesse A.
I generally spend around 90 mins at the gym probably 45 mins of that is beneficial exercise time. I should start planning my workouts to save time.
Lenna Y.
I'm just starting so, it's not very long. It takes me somewhat between 10 and 15 minutes. It's no ultimate high performance training but, short sessions have helped me stay motivated.
Filippa C.
It depends on the day some days I just walk my dog when I already have to take him out to go to the bathroom. Other days when I have more time I go to our gym 5 minutes away to lift.
Aurore Q.
I usually exercise for about an hour at a time. I go to the group classes at my gym, which I’ve found really helps with motivation.
Natalia C.
In the morning it takes up to 10-15 minutes while in the evening I do 3 sets of exercises plus stretching and it takes 45-50 minutes
Jannis W.
I do it for about 10mins in the morning. Roughly one min for streching in the beginning nd end. And an 8minute exercise session.

Good luck!

Clifford F.
I am currently training for two events so my exercise routine varies by day. It's easier to look at it over a week where I do 2 x 90min gym sessions, a 45min run, and a 90min pool session.
Gina C.
I started off just doing a 10-15 minute stretching routine, then occasionally went for a 15-20 minute run or cycle instead. Now, most days, I'll do both so I'm probably going for 30 minutes now.
Josefine B.
Because I don't have a lot of time in my normal routine I try my very best to put in at least 3 minutes of something to get my heart rate up and start my day right
Molly Z.
At the minute my exercise sessions are very short, only a few minutes of basic stretches. I sprained my back in a car accident recently so I have to take it pretty easy. It’s something I struggle with though, I’d managed to get the habit of doing at least 15 minutes of yoga every day for about a month and I was really starting to see improvement in myself…..then I was in a car accident and I was back to square one of trying to find the motivation to do even the smallest bit of stretching. So I lowered the bar for myself because my body and mind needed it. Basically, be kind to yourself and listen to your body and your mind, your exercise can be as much or as little as you need at that day or time.
Felix C.
I usually play on my phone three or four of my faves songs that last in total approximately 10 minutes. Minutes of full and fun exercise!
Melissa Y.
It depends on what training cycle I'm on. If I'm training for a race, running takes up a lot of time, plus I still do strength. This could take 3 hours or more. If I'm not running as much, workouts are less than 2 hours, sometimes less than 1 depending on what I have scheduled.
Selma Z.
My morning exercise is short because I like to sleep in the morning, while exercise in the afternoon is either a walk for 30-60 minutes or 20 minutes inside.