How can you start a weight lifting routine?

Jordan U.
I really have no clue but I think the way to start it is by going to the gym and lifting little by little until you get to where you want to be at.
Simone I.
I started weight training a long time ago, and honestly, I just started watching videos on YouTube. Whitney Simmons is a great channel to start with. Pick out some exercises and write them down in your phone, so you know what you're going to do at the gym so you don't have to wander around not knowing where to go. It's scary at first, but try to push through it, it's very much worth it in the end.
Yana N.
It is unfortunate that the fabulous app does not provide a good routine. Nevertheless I found plenty of series online. I googled weight lifting for women’s arms and just follow some of the images of routines.
Deborah W.
I’m guessing that you aren’t going to the gym. All the gyms around here are closed due to the pandemic. So you would be lifting weights at home. If you have some weights, great. If not you can do body weight exercises. I really like the apps by Fitness 22. Their intervals and professions make more amazing progress. If you have weights, you can find videos on YouTube showing what to do. You build up muscle fastest when you push yourself one day and rest the next. Don’t go kite than 72 hours without working out. Wishing you the best.
Rog Ria P.
First make up your mind then start. if you don't have the weights… Put stones in two bags then using a firm stick or a log… Tie the bags both ends and start the lifting
Acilino A.
You can start a weight lifting routine by using the extra time you have in the morning or if you don’t have any time you can wake up a little earlier and use that time to lift weights