How do you balance sleep, work, studies and exercise?

Angela O.
By organising. Its very simple but not easy you have to be disaplined to work hard in short period of time that you have to get your work done and to stick ro it very seriously. Irs very hard but its possible. I personaly wakeup at 5 strecth get ready then workout till 6:30, have a shower get ready for school at 7 and then eat breakfast and prepare day leave at 7:45 arrive school 8:45. Finish at 3:30 then go to extra studdies like french or math tutor finish at 6 get jome at 7 study for 2h eat food. Study more if need then read sleep repeat
Mia O.
I'd just plan your day. Make a list of things to do the night before and set alarms on your phone to remind you through out the day to do them and commit to doing each one. Stay off social media and keep fueled and hydrated to help you focus.
Frederick C.
I set a strict sleeping schedule that I stick too which makes sure everything else falls into place. Without sleep, I'm not at my best and I can't work or study, much less exercise properly. But waking up early is key too!
Christian O.
Making tine for each is very difficult especially when extracurricular classes get involved you just have to push through it as beat you can. And remember, its okay if you fail just get back up and try again.
Allison P.
Honestly, I haven’t done a very good job of balancing all these things. I tend to focus on 2 things and the other 2 get neglected. That’s why I’m on Fabulous – to create better habits that provide more balance in my life.
Ir Nia E.
I focus on my goals. I set times for every activity I need to do and try my best to complete them. I start with easy habits and slowly I increase the difficulty.
Do it once is easy. Is doing it every day the hard part.
S L Na Y.
I try to go to bed early ob vacation days and when I’m on holiday(around 9/10 pm), so that I can get up at about 8/8:30 am. On schooldays I get up at 5:45 am so that I can have a healthy breakfast and some tea before I head out to school. When I get home (which is at different times every day) I study and do my homework before or after some freetime. It depends on how exhausting the day was. So my exercise routine is different every day bit I try to get it done nevertheless 🙂
Ingelore X.
I acknowledge that it's okay to not accomplish all the things every single day, and make sleep a priority because it affects every aspect of your life. Without a good sleep your body is chock-full of the stress hormone cortisol, which can ravage your body and your ability to focus on work and studies. As a perfectionist, I have spent a lot of time putting off tasks until conditions are "just right", when in reality just getting up from your desk and running up and down some stairs a few times will improve your health AND your ability to push through that assignment. The most important part of balancing your life is to be forgiving of yourself and try to let go of " perfection".
Marshall Z.
I usually plan my days in the morning accordingly to four categories. Rest, productivity, fun, and other. Each of these categories gets a certain amount of my time each day. Rest is something that I want to try to keep as stable as possible, so I usually plan 9 hours for this category; 9 hours of sleep! We then end up with (24h – 9h =) 15 hours remaining. Productivity includes stuff like studying, doing chores or working. I often tend to spend too much time on this category, but I have noticed over time that when I spend extra time on this category it often made me feel depleted/drained, moody and unhappy. It also made me less productive and the quality of my work became less – kind of like a negative linear relationship haha… So, after some experimenting, I found out that with max 7 hours per day, I am able to get enough done without the negative effects mentioned previously. That leaves us with 8 hours remaining, of which I usually spend 6 hours in the category of fun. So, this involves me-time, spending time with friends and family, going out, hobbies, etc. It is important to spend enough time in this category, because this is what is going to replenish you emotionally. And then there are 2 hours left in the category “other”, which is basically just some spare hours for when something unexpectedly takes more time, travelling between places, or something like eating (but often part of category fun tbh).
Lexi I.
I’ve learned how to better manage my time. I have set exercises on a schedule for each day and they only take up to an hour to finish. I study a little everyday for school. Separating the amount of homework I have helps me to not get overwhelmed and to finish it on time. I work when scheduled and I’m still working on managing my sleep. But I always wake up between 9 and 9:30 am
Raashmi X.
I make sure that certain things are nonnegotiable. Such as sleep – I try to consistently get 7-8 hours a night. As far as everything else goes, I think I’m still trying to figure out my balance. I’m trying to fit exercise into my routine more regularly, however I’m finding it difficult to do that because the semester has picked up and I’m feeling as though my work/studies takes precedence over exercise.
Zoneide F.
Haha. Oh man, this is a struggle for sure. I run a company, am a mom, have to do regular housekeeping stuff and maybe find time for my husband, family, friends and if I’m lucky, myself? I use the blocking. It’s amazing. It transforms my overwhelming list of to-do’s into scheduled tasks. I use an app called SkedPal, because I don’t need the extra task of making an updating a schedule every day. You put in basic parameters, enter to-do lists and it’s algorithm updates my calendar whenever I make changes, like add a new, urgent task, complete one, or schedule a meeting. Good luck!!
Sarah U.
Plan your time well!! Thankfully my parents have raised me to sleep early, so I'm in bed by 11pm latest and get a good 8 hours of sleep. There's not much we can do to move around our school hours, but we CAN plan how we do our homework and assignments! For work due on Wednesday, try to get it done by Monday to avoid last minute cramming. If you have no work due the next day, start doing work due the day after! For exercise, mornings and evenings are common times as that is when we are the most free! So pick a timing that best suits you and stay committed. You can do this!
Alex N.
I won’t lie, it’s hard, and I don’t think anyone is perfect at it. But you have to find time throughout the day for everything. Set a certain amount of time each day for each of them (taking into consideration eating as well!) and then try and stick to them. Don’t do anything else in those times you’ve set. If the time doesn’t allow for the full experience, do a lighter version. However, what’s most important is to not beat yourself down if you don’t manage to exercise one day. Maybe you got stuck in traffic, or your exercising equipment broke, or you don’t feel like it. Write down what happened, then embrace the next day with a new energy