Do you do the same exercise each day? Or change it up?

Claire Z.
Actually, I don't think I lack exercise, I know that I do. I am so caught up with all the social media and fat-shamming myself, I forget that if I want to change, I have to commit. Thank you, for reminding me that.
Scott U.
It depends if I have too lose belly fat then I do exercise to lose belly fat and if I have to lose thigh fat then I do exercise to lose thigh fat and also do some exercise for abs
Amalie N.
My exercise pattern has taken a bit of a dive over the winter months, at the moment I'm not doing anything consistently. I'm used to doing lots of different activities with lots of different friends, so without intending to; no week was ever the same.

However when I am exercising regularly I found it easier to be consistent by being part of different clubs (football and running, yoga). Then to train for football I would do a run two days before to be able to recover.

Deusdedito Q.
I like to change it up, sometimes it's high intensity cardio, weight lifting and other times it's yoga or pilates depending on my mood!
Jabes F.
I change it up. On weekdays, I normally do not do exercise at all due to my busy schedule. I exercise on weekends a lot and I swim, cycle, run and many more.
Thibaut Y.
This depends on your mood . Sometimes I feel energetic , then I go for new excercises . But some days are tough , you don't feel like getting up , at that time I go same excercises that make me feel alive .
Julia Z.
I tend to stick to the ones I liked. I want to challenge myself and try new things but I’m afraid to do so. I’m a beginner when it comes to fitness. I literally exercise only sometimes. I can’t even pinpoint or give a specific answer because it’s not regular. However, I do want to make it an everyday thing but I’m trying to take it slow and gradually build the momentum I need.
Regina O.
Yeah, I do yoga with the same asanas every day mostly in the evening. I do the same because I got them in a flow and if I ever want to add or change them I will try to be them in a flow because in that way it is easier!
Nic Sio Q.
No I don’t. I do surf life saving every day, though the activities that are done for surf life saving training are different each day. I do swimming every morning, and then in the afternoons I alternate between board and ski
Madjer C.
I just started exercising for the first tim ever so I'm currently just doing the one minute ones until I make time for more
Frederik P.
I do the same exercise each day. Every morning I go cycling. I go in the same route every day. I sometimes change the route. I mix it up a little if I get bored of the same routine. I might listen to some songs while cycling,change my route,change the time I go cycling. When I did so I felt entertained and interested in cycling. Each time it felt different and new. But if you are a kind of person who likes sticking to the same routine you can do that too. I don't prefer to try something entirely new each day like doing yoga one day and cycling the other. It is because I want to be consistent and regular in what I'm doing. Each activity has it's own advantage and doing it regularly gives you the best results out of it rather than shifting to something else entirely constantly. But you can always do more than one activity per day but it requires effort to turn it into a habit.
Mille B.
I haven't been doing the exercise routine for long, just a few days. So far, the same exercise works well, but I expect to change it up soon. I like to keep things fun, and doing the same excercise gets boring very fast
Bertram U.
I think it's the same goal, but exercise can be different.
And on days when I don't do a cardio or hit, I stretch or meditate.
Sabine B.
Usually the same, sometimes I play badminton and sometimes just skipping rope but you can search what exercise burns how many calories and I can say that martial arts burn the most calorie because I learn kungfu and I have search it before, it burn up to 1000 calorie.
Jules Q.
I prefer the same as long as i still feels good about it. Because changing things might takd some time to do research and all.
Jan N.
I change it because 1) it’s important to exercise every muscle in your body and 2) it’s more fun to change. However I do repeat sometimes the same exercices and that’s completely normal. You have to actually because there aren’t billions of exercises.
Ariel A.
Firstly, I don’t exercise every day because that would be ridiculous and rest days are important. When I do exercise, I usually am rock climbing (bouldering), but sometimes I’ll do some top rope or lead, and I’ll do different types of problems. Sometimes I like to run or go on long walks when I’m not climbing.
Rosa Maria G.
Depends on my exersise schedule but mostly the same exercise each day like abs workout or cardio or a hard 5 min abs workout
Suzanne J.
I switch up my stretches to work and stretch out different muscles, or depending on the day I will do multiple different stretches. Some are repeats, but I like working them all better
Marshall U.
It depends on my time. If there is enough time then regular plan will be done. In case of emergency I choose short alternative.