Have you found an exercise that wakes up you up the most in the morning?

Kora P.
Yes, I find that doing exercise makes me feel strong and I’m charge of myself and how my day is going to go. Knowing I have accomplished something before even eating breakfast is an amazing feeling and one I intend on have ig for as many days possible until the end of my life.
Nelmo Z.
Yoga. I'm an athlete so stretching out my sore muscles is very important. It gives me the strength and balance that is necessary.
Cory U.
Going for a morning run but sometimes it can make me feel even more sleepy at first but by the time I’ve had a shower I feel more energised for the day and like I’ve had some bonus time for myself.
Cory O.
I think hardcore work outside like HIIT and running are exhausting until midday, but a yoga workout would be perfect for the morning!