How do you stay determined and on the right track to not give up and quit on the progress you’ve made?

Earl Q.
Don't get overwhelmed with how huge the mountain is, but rather, focus on achieving the milestones and celebrating every after mini-success (i.e. achieving each milestone). I use a planner, and it works great for me. I know what my major goal is, but I also break it down to actionable realistic mini steps (milestones). Focus on the now. So long as your actions are mini steps toward your major goal, one at a time, you will realize, you have climbed the huge mountain! Don't lose track, but do'nt lose yourself either with getting overwhelmed, scared, and being a coward. I call it, calculated move. Just like a chess, assess, analyze, strategize, move, and conquer!
Roger F.
I take it slow and take it one day at a time. My pet also keeps me on track because he makes my morning routine fun. He likes to climb all over me during my exercise, and keeps things interesting.
L Andro Z.
I know if i stick to my morning routine i will have a good day especially emotionally which means i won't stuff my face with sugary snacks
Sami E.
Sometimes i dont. But then i feel motivated again nd start pushing. I always remind myself not to push too much, just enough to progress but not crave for quick progress or quick fix. Also i manage caffeine intake in a way to keep myself boosted whole day without it affecting my sleep.
Andrea Z.
It's not easy. Sometimes I feel bored or tired and just want to sleep or do whatever easy, but I see me in the mirror o le thing in what I have achieved or what I want to achieve and that give me a kind of force to continue my work. I get up of my bed and I think that for example if I do exercise , can give me power, energy and a better mood.
Severin F.
Idk. I try to remember I'm trying to break a vicious cycle. So what I need to do is stop the cycle, interrupt it, and I'll gain control over my life
Jordan N.
Easier said than done. I’d be lying if I said I had it figured out. What I do know is that small changes can lead to big results—even if you mess up now and again. I like that there are streaks on this app. It helps me not feel defeated when I don’t achieve a goal, because I now have something to try and beat next time.

Also, if you do give up, you can always come back. Heck, I am restarting my journey after a 3 mo hiatus (thanks COVID-19 unemployment). But I am determined to get some habits formed for my new reality as a stay at home dad. As Samuel becket said, “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Carey F.
I gave up a couple of times before. I think the difference this time is 3 things: 1) I modified my routines to fit my real day-to-day life right now (I would love to have an evening ritual of drinking tea every night, but that hasn’t been realistic lately, so I swapped it out for meditating, which I can do more regularly, etc.). 2) I am working from a mental place of forgiveness this time, and 3) I’m working from a mental place of joy this time. Usually when I do good things for my health, it has been a matter of discipline to do, with a feeling of failure or weakness when I don’t accomplish something. This time, I take time for each part of my triangle to remind myself of how rewarding these activities are for themselves (“stretching can be hard, but it is building strength and flexibility, so I don’t have to stretch now, I get to stretch now,”) and when I don’t complete something, I look at the partially full circles on the app with a “glass half full” idea. “Look at how many tasks I got done yesterday. Today I hope I get even more done.”
Jenny O.
I'm competitive by nature and I try to compete with myself. I make a chart that shows my progress daily. The visual cues of seeing that chart and not wanting to see a missed day help motivate me. I leave myself sticky notes saying things like "You won't regret going for that run but you will regret it if you don't." Or "Participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings." These sticky notes have ended up being very special to me after a while. I've even wanted to frame a few of them. I do change them out when I feel like I have peace with whatever it is I was trying to get from them. Song lyrics are special as well. A new song came out and one line says "but there's gold in the dirt I never took the time to see". It's a beautiful lyric because sometimes when we're down in the dirt and broken we fail to see how important those times are and the changes that come from them you'd never have seen had you not gotten knocked down. It also can refer to when others are slinging mud at you, wanting you to fail. There's fuel in that. There's gold in the dirt.
Maree Q.
I guess I think about how I feel. Do I feel better, more healthy, more rested or energised? Do I look forward to the routine? It feels easy, rather than work…for me that is helpful. There is so much pressure and stress in the world. For little simple steps to have a positive affect like 'drink water' means often we make change more complex and dramatic than it needs to be. Chipping away at a habit or goal is easier, and builds the new routine without you knowing it. Often I forget things I really need…like drinking water…and Fabulous helps me remember.
Dani Q.
You’re doing a good job. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Not all days I meet all my goals, some days I meet none. It’s really hard to keep up with it, especially if your schedule changes daily. Just do your best and keep showing up. When you’re having a hard time, try and focus on one thing, say your morning routine, make it simple, then get that back on track. Keep going. Do the best you can and forgive yourself. Good luck.
Michelle Z.
For me, it was very important that I had a strong vision of who I will be once I've met my goals and developed healthy habits. I regularly re-visit my vision for myself and have identified my core values so that even when I'm not feeling motivated or energized I have the discipline to stick with it
Emily E.
I try hard and aprieciate myself for the progress I made I go in front of the mirror And say I can do it….
I believe in myself