What do you do for exercise in the morning and how do you remember to do it?

David Q.
I start my morning with music and start dancing! Later I work out in a more traditional fashion.
Karl Friedrich E.
Just take a small steps like going up and down stairs a few times and do it everyday.
To remember exercise, write "exercise" on a paper and put it on the first thing you see every morning. For example if you take your phone everyday put the paper on top of your phone.
Gerti X.
I dont always in the morning as I go to the gym three times a week and workout, but on the days where i dont i usually walk or do some yoga
Vivan J.
I dance to a few songs in the morning. I remember and pump myself up for it by making one of the songs my alarm to wake up. That way I can just let the alarm run while I start to move around. Then I can switch to the music app and start the playlist.
Abssil O T.
I use the apps Keep workout and keep yoga. I don't pay for the premium but i bought the morning workout (2min) with coins you can earn in the app. So during the week I either do that and/or stretch, depending on how fit i feel. On weekends i tend to do yoga in the morning (because they are longer roitines and during the week i don't have time for a longer morning workout) hope that helps😉
Alexandre Y.
I’m starting really small and easy. I’ve been doing stretching for 10 mins each morning. Like yoga light. Just something to get me into the habit of moving my body.
Na L E.
I made an expensive purchase(1800$) for work out equipment.
Fusion CST by Nordictrack and IFIT. My thinking was if I medication for being unhealthy would cost 1200$ yearly for the rest of my life then a one time investment could keep my healthy for a lifetime, then it would be worth it. It's the very same thought I had during the FABULOUS purchase. Jog/walk for 15 minutes.
Christian A.
I do a circuit of push ups, squats, sit ups and jumping Jacks. Getting up a lil earlier is the key. But going to bed on time to get to the morning workout has proven harder
Janina E.
My exercise routine varies. I have specific focus points for each day of the week. I do 10-15 minutes of cardio every morning as my warmup. Then I do 45-50 minutes of a specific area on my body depending on how long my cardio takes. Every Monday I do strictly core exercises, every Tuesday I focus on my upper body and core, every Wednesday I focus on lower body and core, every Thursday I focus on strength training (which entails various weight exercises and Friday’s I do full body workouts targeting everything. I remember to do them because I have an app that allows me to prioritize my days and activities throughout the weeks and months.
Eckehard F.
As I tend to walk most places I go, I just perform a simple 15-25 minute yoga routine in the morning to wake and warm up my body.
I have been using Fabulous to nudge me into performing the exercise, after purchasing the subscription (for more than I'd be happy to usually) I feel as though dishonestly marking exercise as complete wastes everyone's time, and my own financial commitment.
Adam N.
I generally do a session if yoga. It’s in my routine.. water,feed the dogs, prayer, yoga, good breakfast. It’s s good start to the day. The yoga I do is a combination yoga, cardio so it pushes me.
Louis E.
I prefer a short hiit session from youtube. After a while of doing while watching, I now remember many exercises.

If my mind and surroundings are too busy I just do pushups. As many perfect slow pushups as I can.

Layla T.
I go to the gym. 2 days a week I do a full cardio session and then 2 days a week I do a mix of cardio and weights. I have created a routine in the app and have 2 small goals… Lose 3 kilos in 6 weeks and beat my time on the bike. The challenges keep me motivated.
Roselinde X.
I do either 4 yoga sun salutations and some ca 8 min workout (buns or abs routines from youtube or Fabulous app) OR just one longer yoga session (Boho beautiful from youtube). And yes, Fabulous app morning routine helps me to remember doing it 🙂
Bruno N.
Well, every morning I walk to Shopper's Drug Mart to get something from the pharmacy. It's usually right after I roll out of bed, too. It's about a 15 minute walk there, and another 15 minute walk back. So, I count that as my morning exercise.
Philip J.
Light stretching paired with a nice HIIT routine. Sometimes an alarm works but usually having everything ready by my bed does the trick.
Really hope this helps you in your journey!
Harry E.
It depends on if I'm travelling or at home. At home I do a ride either on a wind trainer or outside of possible. However if I'm travelling, I'll do 30mins of yoga and a 10 minute HIIT workout. Its always the first thing I do, so I tend not to forget 🙂
Hanna N.
I'm striving to learn programming, I want to go to school again and that drives my motivation for these habits. I firmly believe small habits have a great impact on success, life and energy. I have a friend, his house is always tidy, but he almost never cleans. This is because he opens the frozen pizza over the sink, picks up stuff at once if they fall down. Habits matter
Am Lie Z.
I have set up a 7 minutes yoga routine that helps me wake up and stretch. I use the fabulous reminders to remember to do it.
Lawrence C.
As soon as I drink my water in the morning. I do a quick stretch followed by 10 pushups, 10 crunches and a 30 second plank. It warms up my body and helps me wake up in the mornings.