What kind of exercises do you prefer for the morning?

Amber J.
Well,I prefer stretching in the first place cause it makes you flexible and energetic …..if u know, it has a fun fact that stretching can increase your height not only in your teenage , you can even increase your height till 25 if u do that daily😃……and u can also do some yoga it improves each and everything in you , And with this do meditation everyday in second place😊.hope this will work for you👐🏻 , best of luck for your future 😊👍🏻

Lee N.
I generally prefer doing low-intensity workouts such as yoga or stretching, because I find that in the morning I like to start of slow 🙂

Jimmie S.
Bodyweight handstand pushup outside on grass feeling the chilly Estonian Autumn air in glenohumeral joint restricting full range of movement.

Marielle F.
my personal favorite is running, i like to get a couple miles in every now and then. though i also like going on the maxi-climber too!