How do you stay motivated for long periods of time?

Deirdre E.
By reducing the friction in my life. In other words, making it easy and removing the roadblocks. If I'm trying to get to the gym, I schedule it, gym clothes are in my car and I eat like I need to for a successful workout. AND I tell at least one person.

Luisa S.
I am not sure. I guess you try to remember why you are doing what you are doing, learn to enjoy the process and keep track of your step forwards.. Just do not give up!

Apolin Rio O.
I find it hard sometimes, so I like to remind myself how rewarding it’s going to be in the long run if I push myself to be motivated at the moment. Some days I can’t, and then I like to remember that one day doesn’t build a habit, so one day missed can’t ruin a good habit either.

Lucille Y.
I change my rewarding method around. Like maybe one day, I will earn a happy dance, and the next fine dining, and the next maybe let myself have/buy something I've been wanting, and so on. The more you look forward to your reward, I feel like the more motivated you are. Plus, I've found keeping the steak in Fabulous to be something that really motivates me to do it again, just because of how competitive I am.

Julia O.
I need to have something to focus my attention on, work flies by if I have a clear idea of what I need to achieve that day. I notice a huge difference if I can wake up my body before a long day by getting a bit of exercise in. Today I went for a big walk and I couldn’t believe how motivated I was to get my work tasks done for the day. Last week I was feeling flat and drained, after a big house clean, dancing around the house and starting the week off feeling great, I feel like I can get a lot achieved this week

Irmino B.
I stay motivated for long periods of time because I always try something new and mostly start cleaning big piles of clutter. I plan everything out.