What things do you do to celebrate your wins?

Shane N.
Take a moment to really enjoy how it feels to have things in your life that you want. Exercise, health, rest. Whatever the win is, be aware of it and experience the reward that is already built in. Sometimes we make it all about the completing of tasks. Then we find a way to reward ourselves that is unrelated—however enjoyable it may be, it takes more energy and is more difficult to sustain. What are you celebrating? Sticking to your diet? Getting the sleep you need? Are you rewarding yourself in the opposite direction by staying out late or eating foods that make you feel gross? Can you find a reward that highlights how great it is that you’re on the path you’re aiming for?

Mildred Z.
I don’t do enough to celebrate wins and sometimes get into the trap of food as reward. Instead, I am trying to find small things like a nice walk or maybe bigger things to work toward like tickets to an event or a pedicure. I definitely haven’t found THE answer (but, then again, there probably isn’t one right answer).

Assun O E.
Hahaha ok well I guess I try to think about it more existentially. Going beyond a meaningless task having been completed, I try to recognize it as a fundamental building block that has an effect far greater than just the task itself. I recognize that it is a step to me taking control over my life in the areas that will benefit me the greatest ways. I am usually a pecismist so allowing myself to feel a bit of existential bliss is a treat.

Lauren W.
Get myself something nice as a reward. Flowers, something I’ve been wanting for a while or just taking a moment and pat myself at the back.

Christian E.
Anything that I want at the moment. Eat, Watch movie, Play game, go out, have a beer. Just don't let the celebration rune your routine. You can adjust the time and difficulty in the task but don't miss it.

Ana Lle T.
Enjoy a nice dinner! I either cook myself or I go to a fancy restaurant. Treating myself to great food is my best way to celebrate victory on beating down a bad habit, even if it's just the beginning. I think just doing something you love but necessarily have the time to really is a great way to show love to yourself 🙂

Garcia Z.
After a success I will choose one of a handful of special things to do for myself. I will treat myself to a favorite food which I don’t often eat because it may not be totally healthy. I will go on a nice drive not worrying about destination or time restraint. I will dedicate some time to indulgent self care in the form of a face mask, home mani-pedi, self foot massage, bubble bath etc.
The common thread for my rewards is to respect and enjoy the time I spend alone, cultivating a relationship with myself and honoring that time like I would the time I spend with a beloved friend 🙂

Isaac Z.
Go out with spouse or friends to local establishments for food and drink or a splurge. Make a special meal for those I’m celebrating.

Timothe E.
I smile and feel good. It encourages me to continue and excites for the upcoming days. Sometimes I share what I’ve accomplished to get additional support and encouragement. I like to contemplate what I’ve done

Luc Ola P.
I think the most important thing to me is that I think about how far I had to go to get there. Just now I finished a routine that I have been getting stuck for the last week and a half, and right after finishing it I just sit down outside thought about how many times I got stuck, for 5 minutes ir so. That was when I read this question, so I think that I remember who I was and I remember how happy I am for trying to be my best self.
Also I eat cake and chocolate after hard weeks, but that’s my side treat.

Eckhard U.
I like to just sit back and bask in the light of my recent wins and dream about what I will do next with all my winnings and how I can continue to make more winnings to realize more of my dreams.

Guadalberto Z.
I like to save up my favourite shows and celebrate by watching an episode. Or I'll eat something nice bug not too bad like a yogurt or dark chocolate.

Gladys E.
Hello there, Right now, after my morning walk, I sit on the patio under the tree and listen to the neighborhood woodpecker. It’s a reward and reminds me to spend more time outside

Signe G.
I schedule an appointment with a health care professional that can give me acupuncture… a pedicure with my podiatrist… a treatment with my dermatologist… a massage from my physiotherapist… a back straightening with chiro… a new gym outfit or new sneakers from Niyamasol, Adidas or Nike… a new moleskin notebook, a pack of koki pens and paper to draw and scribe… an iWatch… a MacBook… an iPad… I also host a family and friends health BBQ, in South Africa we call it a braai… I love celebrating my victories and celebrating the victories of those I love and care for.
Mindful of how hard it is and being a professional coach, I appreciate how tough it can be to set a goal and achieve it… but also the incredible feeling once you’re through the Fire! Every victory no matter how small is worth celebrating in my book. I really enjoy the quotes the app gives me… it is a quick and powerful dose of perspective, inspiration and a “gratitude trigger” for me and my life. Thank you for the work you do, how you do it. Really enjoying trying out this app and once I have more experience using it will certainly recommend it to all my coach clients and personal mastery, Coach training students. Thank you!!

Anthony Z.
I have a little bit of pride knowing that even if my day is day and have accomplished something and at the end of a long day can look at what I have done