Do you stretch before you exercise?

Alyssa E.
Yes because if i don't even i am done exercising my body will be a lot more sore and will probably hurt for a while more than usual
Lauren J.
I do yoga everyday and the great thing about it is that i get both at the same time, but when I do exercise I do stretch
Krissy N.
Honestly when this happened I would stop my routine but this time around I will not budge or give in because my health means more to me now and my therapy
Jocelyn B.
Yea stretching before exercising helps your body feel prepared when exercising so that none of your joints crack and so that your bones won’t get hurt
Anisa N.
If i do some workout, of course i nees to stretch first. If i want to play sports of course I'm gonna stretch. But sometimes, if i just wanna play around, like skating, I'm too lazy to stretch. But, yeah, i need to change that lazy into a must. So,yep I'll stretch