How do you motivate yourself for running?

Aminah O.
Whatever demotivating factors in your mind is stopping you from wanting to run, in your mind picture yourself present with those thoughts but you running away from those thoughts behind you. Keep running until you’re ready to put it in reality.
Reginald T.
I do not run. I do other exercise. But if I would run I would motivate myself with music! Music is everything for me. I would also try to think positive and think about my future and my dreams and goals about the future ✨️ 😊
Rainforest N.
I don’t run often, I prefer to partake in physical activity such as gym workouts or sports.
Whenever I go in a run I ask myself what I’d rather see in the mirror in 2 years time. Do I want to be healthy and strong, or lazy and unmotivated?