I am doing logs for heavy people and it is stretching my muscles very good. Where do I go to find out if I am doing them right without having to pay a bunch of money?

Jerome S.
Park.. In park, I can see everybody doing and enjoying their activities. Seeing their happy face make me feel better and when someone smile back at me when I smile to her/him I feel so grateful that they're noticing me
Maria C.
Well you could ask them yourself you could check daily and it's also very good that your stretching out your muscles and your doing good for them
Mienchen O.
The easiest way is YouTube u can just watch tutorials or u try a trial where there's one week free or something like that in a gym or in a fitness club where u can have one free week to decide if u want to stay, these trials r easy to find but Im not 100 % sure, hope I could help u, byeeee