How to pick up exercise after a csection and being a new mother.

Joshua Z.
You could start by doing fundementals of pilates- these are not heavy but re-connect you to your body. You will gain trust in your core again and from here on you might feel more motivated to do the next step

Mur Y.
Slowly. It feels like forever now but new mom existence won’t last forever. Rest and recover. Ask your OBGYN what exercises you can do while the baby sleeps or someone is helping you. You’ll get through it.

Giovanni E.
seriously. Take it easy, be patient, be kind to yourself and your body. Start slow, be careful, and ASK YOUR DOCTOR.

Britney Z.
Take some time for yourself, slowly taking up exercise bit by by, slowly building a habit rather than rushing into it. You will feel so good when you build a good habit

Delaney G.
I’m not a new mom- but picking up exercise after a long period of time was really difficult. I found that PopSugar Fitness (a channel on YouTube I can play right on my TV) really helps. There’s some light exercise videos as short as 4-5 mins and some as long as an hour.. and modifications for the moves. Hope it helps you the way it helps me. Best!

Atamis E.
I'm not a mom and I have never had abdominal surgery so my knowledge is limited. I would check withyour doctor for activities to avoid since abdominal surgery is always major. Once cleared take a moment to figure out what you want from your workout time? Is it "me" time or do you want it to be family time? If it is "me" time make sure to be kind to yourself when the unexpected comes up and you have to deal with it. Also be firm in your boundaries if people try to impose on your time. If it is family or baby and you time maybe check out local mom groups as it could be a supportive community to help you with new mom questions.

Ks N.
Try starting with Pilates – there are normally some special post- natal classes for new mums. Pilates is very gentle exercise but can help building strength and increasing mobility.

Rachel L.
Start slow with small changes like going for a walk around the block or walk around the house for 10 minutes and then work your way up when you naturally feel like you want to do more. Once you're ready for a longer workout use YouTube or other resources to again start low and slow with a 15 minute walk at home aerobic session etc and continue to work your way up. Plan it for morning if you can to get it out of the way before the day takes over.

Maja Z.
Wait the 6 weeks recovery time otherwise you can do yourself a lot of damage. Make sure you start slow, if you pick up too much too quickly you are more than likely going to stagnate and stop. Good luck