Which part of your workdays do you enjoy the most?

Eliza E.
I don’t have both in my breakfast at once. I don’t eat quite enough in the morning to have a reasonable amount of either, so I have one in my breakfast (I do eggs and riced cauliflower+siracha) and then my first meal of the day will be my fruit. So I eat at 8 and every 2-3 hours after that so it’s pretty easy to stay on track with my fruits and veggies
Daryl X.
My favourite part of my work day is when I get to go and meet all the cute kids and play games with them. After work walking down to the beach to watch the sunset or sit for 5 minutes is something I also enjoy
Monique N.
There are moments when my coworkers and I bond over talking about the kids we work with. The kids are very funny and it’s really nice using the funny things they do to relate to each other. Now, there are those rare emotional moments where a child overcomes an obstacle or makes a breakthrough on a new skill, and those moments are precious and rewarding and irreplaceable, but I’m not choosing that as my answer, because those moments don’t happen every day.