How long do you excerise in the morning?

Astrid W.
I give myself a range of 25 to 45 minutes. I am for 45 every morning but if I can only fit in 25, then at least I still get a workout in!
Ethan F.
I like to do about ten minutes of yoga in the morning, because there’s not too much free time before work. Personally I do a longer more intense workout in the afternoon or after work.
Misty G.
This is my first week: I’ve been doing the 7minutes workout everyday except one where o had been traveling really early and I accomplished the 1 minute one.
Cl O I.
It varies from day to day. Sometimes it is a half hour walk and at other times a quick stretching routine. Some days I do a yoga class.
Aubrey F.
For me it usually takes less than 5 minutes. I do 10 squats, 10 push ups and 20 crushes. I know it isn’t much but otherwise I couldn’t stick on with it. If this is in my habits I will add more and harder exercises.
Ross C.
I do it in variation. What Fabulous offers are quick to lengthy exercises so it will depend on how much time I got as long as I did the exercise!
Fab Ola P.
I usually go to a yoga class and do an hour yoga 🙂 It motivates me to keep excersicing by doing together with other people.
Milo W.
So far, I don’t have a set time to exercise – some times 10, sometimes 25 minutes, depending on the time available before I am ready to leave home to the office.
Alo S E.
I do yoga for a few minutes to stretch out and wake myself up then take my pups for a walk. If it's crappy out then usually a quick loop, but I have an hour loop I could do if it's nice
Bogdan R.
I have been doing 5 minute of yoga streching Suriya Namaskar for already several years, because it gives a lot if strength and energy for the whole day. Now I add 7 minute (sometimes 10 minute) warm up from Fabulous app. And do 1,5 hour acrobatics training 1-3 times a week.
Lea W.
It depends. Sometimes I just do the 8 minutes in my morning habits list (I’ll do things like core or work on flexibility. Other times I have a full on 45min – 1hr workout at the gym.
Amelia P.
Just a few minutes. I stretch first and then do a few sit-ups and press-ups. This gets me warmed up and feeling better.
Rasmus P.
Around 15 min because at morning I had to go to college so i don't get much time but still 15min is enough for me as I'm skinny person and I don't need to burn a lot of fats.
Pablo O.
It depends. If I’m doing some light stretching, yoga, dance, or a light workout, I do it for 8 minutes. I hav gym class most mornings, which is 55 minutes. Sometimes I walk around my neighborhood with my dog for 20 minutes.
Henner S.
My morning exercise is only 5-10 minutes long and done while getting ready for work. Once I arrive at work, I park far enough away to always get in my first walk of the day. By incorporating my exercise into my routine I make better use of my time.
Evan X.
Usually 20-30 minutes. Today u didn't have much time, so I checked out the little about routine in this app. It felt good to be moving even if for a few minutes. Plus I don't usually work on abs, so it was perfect. Just what I needed!
Simon Z.
This morning I took 40 mins to try 8 sets of planking exercises aimed at removing arm flab. It’s the 1st time I’m doing strength training at home! 😃
Kuno U.
It depends on the day that I am exercising. If I am exercising on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I run for a half hour or so. On Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I try something like yoga or a HIIT workout, so that can be anywhere between 7 minutes to an hour. The nice thing is I can do all of this at home with a few different apps installed on my phone.
Florentino Q.
It can be a 10 minute yoga or stretch at home to an hour long at the gym going hard core. It all depends on my mood, discipline and mindset. So long as I do something everyday, I'm happy.
Paula E.
It depends on how much time I have. It’s anything between 15 and 45 minutes. It helps, even when I don’t have time to just do some stretching and basic exercises or dance on few songs.
Sedat Z.
At the moment if I do exercise in the morning its just a short walk around my neighbourhood. 15 minutes

And then i walk to work 25 minutes

I aim to do spme light stretching too

Jonas Z.
If I exercise in a gym, I’ll typically work out for roughly 40-60 mins (to make it worth the trip!). If I do exercises at home, it’s more like 10-15 mins. I try to get to the gym 4-5 days in the week, and do short exercises at home on the weekends.
Walter U.
As I'm just starting, I'm not pushing myself too hard until my morning routine becomes a habit. I walk everyday, try to go everywhere walking and avoid driving if I can. This is complemented by morning exercise, which I vary every morning so I don't get bored: dancing to four songs that make me happy, do a 50 minute yoga session, do the 7 minute exercise in the Fabulous app or 3 minutes of kettlebell swinging exercises. Going for a walk with light kettlebells is also a good idea.
Freddie F.
At least 40 minutes. I used to do 1 hour almost every morning, but I’m currently pregnant and try to keep it a bit softer