What are tips to reduce activation energy other than sleeping in your gym clothes?

Diane Y.
Shoes by the door, just everything ready so you can take it and go. Maybe even place them on the foot of your bed. Best of luck♡
Jack W.
I don't know honey I have breakfast and then i force myself to exercise for at least 15 minutes. Takes a lot of will power, especially if you are lazy like I am
M Lissa Q.
Visualise your day as you want it before going to sleep. You should go over each detail of the activities planned the next day. That would give you an insight into what’s planned, how will it be executed, what are windows available to rest and replenish your energy. When you have seen your day before even starting it you know what to expect feom the day and
Emilie Z.
It's almost impossible to get a good rest in your gym clothes. Treat yourself to a new pair of pyjamas, or a nice new set of pillow cases instead. This will make your rest deeper and more comfortable. As far as having motivation to move, there is a trick I learned a while ago; place a yoga mat along the side of your bed. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you can get the sensation of the mat under your feet and immediately want to stretch, and complete the 8 min routine. I have been a member for over a week now, and still enjoy light impact first thing in the morning, as I always end up dancing or working hard later in my day. Rest well! And good luck!
Kumar Q.
Meditation is the best way to get into deep relaxation post workout like yoga or exercises. Simply sit, close the eyes and observe the breath.
Gild Sio P.
Well, the idea of sleeping in your gym clothes is to facilitate you going to exercise first thing in the morning. I did not used to exercise in the morning and thought it was quite a drag to wake up and go straight to the gym. Now, I think it is the best time of the day to exercise. What changed ? I truly believed I needed to exercise everyday, not to achieve a goal but because it made me feel better and I needed it to cope with stress. I also noticed that I tend to skip exercising if it is at the end of the day, finding excuses like : I don't have time tonight, I am too tired, I need socializing tonight etc… But because I knew I needed to exercise, I committed to go in the morning for a week. I started exercising in the morning with people I enjoyed seeing and felt energized and happy. When I felt tired in the morning, I still went because what is important is to show up, even if you do not perform your best.
To answer your question, I think you should believe that exercising in the morning is the best until you truly believe it is, after you saw the benefits. Wake up and go even if you are tired for a week (or 3 days straight for example). Go even if its for a 5 minutes walk. And never give up 🙂