If you fall off the wagon, how do you get motivated to start back up?

Vicky U.
I remind myself that everything we do is a journey and a practice. Setbacks are bound to happen, natural, and indeed a part of the process. We cannot appreciate our progress without these challenges.

With the above in mind, I will
Simply try the simplest of guided meditations I can find. I remind myself that Even 30 seconds is good. And slowly it allows me to get back to my bonafide practice.

Daline W.
When I miss a habit I feel bad and try to think of ways to prevent that from happening again. I missed doing exercise for one day, the next day I woke up earlier and did a quick 15 minute work out. Sometimes life gets in the way and I know I can’t workout every morning, so I try to include it in the afternoon or evening. If not I forgive myself and do better.
Lawrence E.
I try to look at it like a journey and not a destination. If I wander off the path, I’m still better off than when I started. I just get back on and keep going. Look at what you may have learned about yourself when you wandered, learn from it and move on
Zenta U.
I think about why I needed to start riding the wagon in the first place. Knowing that I need to change for the better helps me get back on track since doing the thing helps me feel like myself again.
Milo Z.
The best means of reigniting my motivation is to look back at the progress I made before I fell. This means that, firstly, keeping track of your goals, progress and wins has two powerful aspects, 1 – it helps keep you motivated and 2, it helps you jump back on the wagon if you fall. It’s important to keep notes of how you’re feeling when you tracking, these serve as triggers to get you back on the wagon.
James P.
It is better to be on than off always. If you don't think that you should change your mindset.I gave up drinking 4 months ago. It has been hard – I was I think addicted- now – my life is more mine without an addiction. The freedom to say yes or no to elements of our life within our control – sleep/ excercise/ suger is the only real one we have – embrace it !!!
Franklin U.
I forgive myself for not being perfect, and I try again the next day. I remind myself that I shouldn't break promises to myself because I wouldn't do that to other people I care about.
Babett F.
I remember and write down why I started the journey to begin with. Helps to have it writen down somewhere you can see and read daily.
Ava A.
When i fell off the wagon was the time i got sick from my allergies.
Eyes were red, got the cold, nose dripping 24/7.
So after that I knew I had to start back again. And i figured out, that I've always started right back where I fell off, so now I tried to start back small again. Restarted the current journey and am trying to get back on track. It's still not the best, but hopefully I'm getting there…
Thea W.
You start admitting why you are slacking, remove the parts where u are holding up too much expectation of urself. Then, start a task by doing it for 3…5…9..so minutes incrementing a little to ur capacity everyday. Allow yourself to flow!
Simon Y.
I don’t usually rely on motivation. It’s a temporary feeling that ends as fast as it begins. I rely on building momentum through action. If I’m not motivated to clean my whole room, I’ll do the smallest thing I can to start. Then I’ll do another small thing and another. Eventually I’ll be ready to take on the bigger stuff and there isn’t as much in the way of getting it done. And if I don’t get it all done, it’ll still be better than it was when I started. If you haven’t built discipline and you don’t have motivation, just focus on building momentum first.
Serenity I.
To me, this is the single most important part of achieving any habit or goal: Always always always just get back on. Falling off is normal.
Jonas B.
Start small, don’t be too hard on yourself, be grateful for what you have n u will feel better. Take it as s journey n not a race
Ann C.
If I’ve fallen off the wagon, I start again with small things that remind my mind and body about the habit and let momentum take over. If it’s exercise, I’ll tell myself I just need to do a couple of minutes, or even need to just put on my shoes. But, if I do that, almost always, I’ll get back in the swing of things. This approach really decreases any sense that I need to get right back to doing something at the level I got to before. Rather, I set myself to reward myself for any movement towards the habit.
Cl A T.
I do fall off the wagon on what seems to be a somewhat regular basis. I always think every day is a fresh beginning! I like to start on Monday, fresh start, but usually by the end of the week I’m just dragging along doing the best I can. Sundays are a day of rejoicing and I love that!

Do know that I feel much better when I stick to a program.
persistence is the key
Never give up

Fernandino A.
Learn to appreciate every single effort you have made for your life. Stop comparing with others until you gain your confidence back. Keep your lifestyle healthy. Make friends if it’s possible, or just do anything that keeps you away from loneliness. Although people have different ways to get back up, these are the four things which I believe to be helpful for everyone.
Maria W.
When I fall off the path, I think of the line from Anne of Green Gables, “Today is a new day with no mistakes in it.” Then I start new.
Ruby P.
I ask myself why I fell off and what in my system wasn’t working. I try to start again remembering that this is a learning experience.
Eve Q.
I looked at the app everyday knowing that I needed to do these things and my subconscious told me to do the right things every time I saw the reminder.
Olaf E.
When you fall off you think I’m going to keep falling off but maybe it because you didn’t have a plan that you where running yourself through
Guy F.
First I try not to be hard with myself, If I cannot do the routine for whatever reason I accept it. So basically being allowed to quit I don’t feel the pressure to start… makes sense? Then I focus on the energy the routine gives me, it’s something I really crave and this is a good reason to start again everytime