How do you find time to exercise? I’m a single mom of two young children with a full time job. Finding time seems impossible some days.

Mark T.
I am a mother as well, I have a two year old, and a very demanding job that sucks out all energy. The only thing that works for me is to get up earlier: I prefer consistency over length when it comes to exercising because I cannot commit to one hour dedicated to training every morning, but I sure can do 15 minutes. It helps my overall mood and energy levels as well as stress tolerance. But then not all days I can pull this off and it’s OK!
Caylan W.
while i’m not in your shoes, i also have a busy schedule. being a freshman in highschool taking honors and ap classes and doing clubs, doesn’t leave that much room for exercise. even though i’m part of a “sport” outside we don’t practice every day.
what i like to do is just do something small. your version of exercise is vastly different from mine. i just want to make sure i move throughout the day 😁. whether it be stretching before or after i sleep or walking for 2 minutes during a break. for me it doesn’t have to be a big thing at all! just start small and you’ll grow from there. you’ve got this!
Kate Q.
Doing normal daily activities can count as exercise if you think about it such as cleaning the house and such. I believe that as long as your body is moving, you can somewhat count that as exercise. If you have a limited amount of time, you can opt to do a 5-10 mins workout or even use jump rope or do jumping jacks for 5 mins.
Addison A.
We’ll my first piece of advice would be to find a time and place to exercise. One of my pet peeves is when people say something like “Aw man, I don’t have time to work out.” That’s nonsense. Everyone has time to work out. you’d just be rather doing something else like scrolling through TikTok. Now I know that sentence might of came across as me scolding you, I’m not. I’m just saying you have time for what you have time for. Which brings me to my second piece of advice: remove distractions. My final piece of advice for you is to reward yourself whenever you finish exercising. Whenever you do something you enjoy after completing a rather challenging task, the more you want to do the challenge because you know something good is waiting for you when you finish. Any ways thank you for asking me for my advice. And I wish you the best of luck exercising and raising those two kids. I can’t imagine what it must feel like raising two young children all by yourself. Single Mom’s are one of the real life superhero’s of the world. Have a great day! 🙂
Lunilum N.
Of course in that situation that might be very hard. But remember that everything counts. On super busy days I simply do light exercise or even just some squats and call it a day. The point is to keep up the routine. So the standard might be to do some form of exercise everyday even though the goal is to do an hour each day. But this way one doesn't have to lose the streak and still build a routine by meeting standards and not goals.
Salvador U.
Well I am not married I am a teenager who is 17 year old well finding time is also hard for me so waking up early is the only way