Do you find morning movement difficult? I’m at work at 5 a.m. so sometimes it waits till my break. How do you manage it for your schedule?

Gabrielle N.
Yes I do , but we have to have a good morning schedule to be a successful person in future. I m a high school student, last year was a hectic year for me due to some personal reasons but it helped me to understand that having a morning schedule can help me alot to achieve my goals. Ik it's tough to do but it is beneficial for us . So i recommend that every one should have a proper morning schedule. I hope u got ur answer. Have a great day .
Rinret P.
Okay so I always set my alarm by 6 to do l my task since by 7 I am to start preparing to go out… so since you go out by 5, I assume 4 could be fine and if doing break is better then it's still a good one.