How do you stick to routines without getting distracted by life and laziness?

Anne O.
I think it's all about get going again, we allá hace a Life and things to so which interfere with our habits like getting sick, or stress at work or travelling- the point is to get back on track after periods of not being able to.
Lucas C.
By forcing myself to do them until they become a natural part of my routine. At that point, it feels strange not to do these habits. I also remind myself that it's ok to have a cheat day once in a while; I won't always feel able to go through a very productive day. It's important to allow yourself to make mistakes and be lazy
Sarah Y.
Mix it up! There are tons of different ways to get your heart rate up. Run until you’re burnt out, then swim or hike or roller skate. Zumba is also fantastic.
Marie W.
Good question, and very relevant as this is definitely one of the biggest killers of the change mindset – the silent dwindle.

From having succumb to such fate many times over, I am experiencing success this time around by knowing why I am doing what I’m doing, believing wholeheartedly that I need to do it, not just a want, and making constant reminders to myself in different forms of my goals.

I have taken to journaling every night – which keeps me accountable to my new habits. This comes with a phone alarm and a routine to itself. If I miss the evening journal, I make up for it the very next morning.

The biggest accountability factor though is my wife. I keep her up to date with my pursuits and their success or failure and she keeps me honest when I’m not feeling strong enough to self-start. Telling her of my success everyday is my “Celebrate” as part of my morning routine.

Bottom line, know your why, have constant reminders, be kept accountable and be kind to yourself if you mess up, fix it as soon as possible.

Good luck on your journey!

Christine N.
Wow, great question. I wish I could say that I never get distracted by life or laziness but if that were true I wouldn’t be here! I think what I’m trying to do is give the thoughts in my head less power and pay more attention to what I really want instead of what my thoughts say i should do. So when the alarm goes off of course I think “oh man my bed is so warm, it’s fine if I just skip one day…” but those are the same thoughts that got me tired and out of shape! And they’re not true! So what I’m trying now is to think less, do more. There will always be reasons, excuses, not to stick with your goals, but if you believe the reasons, you won’t get there.
Hope that helps!
Ross P.
Well actually I do get distracted by life and laziness and don't always complete my routine perfectly. What's important to me is that I complete all the habits in the routine even if it takes all day. What I've noticed is the more I do the habits and get used to the process it's easier to complete them and even look forward to them. As a result I've been finishing my routine quicker. For example I did everything I needed to this morning and felt happy to do it. So basically the most important thing is if you make the habit make sure you finish it that day.
Cat C.
The routines are what help me manage life – the stressful and demanding and unpredictable and uncontrollable stuff that presents itself each day. And I avoid the laziness by reminding myself that I always feel better when I put in a little effort towards a routine.
Sofie S.
I start with routines that I know will benefit my well being. Did you know that infrequent flossing *could* lead to heart disease. Give it a Google! When I look at the benefits the habit has to my health and well being, I am suddenly doing it for more than just me, but also those I love around me in the present and future