How do you keep up with all your habits and challenges?

Tori V.
I try and look toward the future to see how the outcome will better me. It becomes like a dsily challenge and it gives my day a bit more structure

Hermelinda E.
I thought I need more care for myself. So, I took this app a bit serious and I've deleted this app many times when I didn't think this was useful but right now I felt you guyz are saying the right thing to change myself and to see a new me…
So, I took this app a complete challenge game and I have to win it to get my new me. Thank you for asking because I feel more energized now after replying to your answer…..

Alberte W.
I get to keep up with this day to day challenges and changes with the help of fabulous and my determination to succeed my eyes are set on reaching my goal

Sara Z.
I don't know. Maybe trying to anticipate what i have to do next. Taking time to myself so i don't get overwhelmed. And telling myself that it's okay if i don't get everything done ( I'm still working on it)

Loane N.
Well, whenever I get a new habit/challenge my brain tells me that if I don't succeed, I am worthless and should die. So, I guess it works like that for me. Not an advice though. I do not recommend at all.