What type of things do you do to relax and de-stress?

Irmi E.
Take a walk in nature if you can. Sit in a cafe and people watch. Watch a new film that becomes one of your favourite. Draw something. Read a book. I'm reading the alchemist now (about following your dreams) highly recommend.

Do whatever you like. Just don't try so hard and get stressed.

Tibor U.
To de-stress, I like to spend time with my family or friends. I love to talk to my parents after a long day because they always make me laugh. I also like to sit and listen to a podcast that makes me laugh- it reminds me to keep everything in perspective. Lastly, I love to play sports. I find that I always feel better about my workload after a good practice.
Loan Y.
Several things:
– Listening some music that I really like
– Exercise
– Practicing Yoga
– Having a massage
– Dancing
Robert O.
Previously I've over eaten and binged YouTube. I still binge YT, but now I find journaling also helps. It helps as a way to observe my mind worms, examine them, and then put them aside.
Serena M.
I tend to either take a shower or unwind by staying away from my phone 10mins. before I head to bed and I do that by occupying myself with a book or just tidying up my room and perparing my things for the next day. This puts me at ease and helps me sleep better at night knowing I didn't miss anything.
Kelly N.
I meditate, go for a walk, listen/watch/read something inspirational (podcast, music, show, movie, book), write in my journal, talk to someone, or pet my cat 😊
Catherine Z.
I’m a big music person so I am always curating a relaxing playlist for myself – to listen to wherever I am. I also am sensitive to smells so I try to surround myself with candles, perfume, etc that have scents I personally picked out to calm me down. Journaling is also a huge thing for me. It helps me process things – even if it’s just to complain or validate that I’m scared or sad. I make it a point in a vent session to not look at it again, because I processed it and it serves no purpose to me now that I let it all out.
Nga A.
Breath. Just start on any meditation (I saved a few favourite).
Sometimes it can be hard. Just move in some ways.
If have space and time, do something random without the usual sense of purpose i.e play. Talk to someone