What do other busy folks do for exercise? I am up at 5 am and most days don’t get home till almost 6 pm. Between getting the kids ready for bed etc…I get tired.

Ebru I.
I wake up between 4:00-5:00am and after drinking my water instantly starting my 10 minutes exercises to wake my body up it gives me more energy for a day. From beginning it’s always hard but it worth it. Try to wake up 15-20 mins try to wake up earlier you can do it!
Melissa U.
You could find like exersices from youtube becouse they arent too long and they arent too hard so if u do that after you've putted ur kids to sleep? Hope this helps.
Joe T.
My parents have been getting up since 4:30am for a few years now to go to the gym before everyone else in my house wakes up. They really like this but it isn’t for me so I just squeeze in a quick 5+ minute workout before leaving my room. How long I workout for and what I do just depends on how tired I am. I also try and walk more throughout the day (taking stairs instead of elevator and taking longer routes around campus instead of shortcuts). The other thing that is good with a family is just going to the park for a bit. I used to take my younger siblings or dog to the park around the corner and just run around. Walking to the shops (most people in Europe do this anyway) is also a great way to get some extra exercise. Hope this helps!!! ❤️
Elizabeth J.
if you have time for breaks in the day, it can feel good to go for a walk or jog! also, if you set aside a little time right after you wake up to stretch and do simple exercises, that can help build a daily habit of moving your body intentionally just a little each day.