Is HIIT good for fat loss

Maha F.
I’m sure it is, it contains a lot of cardio training, and now everyone is recommending interval training, even if you do it only with running for example..

I don’t do Hiit.. but I tried with running ( run for 10minutes, walk for 5) and it had much greater effect than running only.

Aldo E.
I have read in several places that it is better than cardio. Either way it is one of my favorite I feel like I accomplished more!
Arthur E.
Sure but someone not used to exercise or sports or something can hurt themselves. I think it's ment more for the person who is active but just seems to still have fat hanging around in problem areas you just can't get rid of. Or someone that runs to much and wonders why their knees and ankles are killing them but they're not burning that much fat
Catherine F.
I think 🤔 so but you would have to ask your trainer if you are doing personal training or just a group exercise instructor and find out. You could also research it online and see as well