Exercise has been a particular challenge for me. I never grew up athletic or in sports. Any tips on how to get motivated doing this?

Kayla U.
When you exercise keep track of your progress and keep challenging yourself to do better. Motivation is one step to top notch, but you got to know that you want it. Achieve your most value time to focus on what’s on the tip of the iceberg. You gotta adapt to change, what’s hiding the guilt and keep pressing on. You will get there. This is the most important task that can be accomplished. Remember who you are and what you do with it. You can be the greatest asset or someone that falls deep into the abyss. And no one wants that. Keep up the good work because this is your life that wants to reach that goal. Now go get it.
Apollonia U.
Hi! I love madfit workout videos, i recommend her channel! It's hard to get motivated for me too, but I always think about it: Once you start, it will be better than now. You will be better.
Alma F.
It's easy start walking in flat surface for a week and then go running, brisk walking, climbing up stairs or steep trails.
Milo F.
I have not been particularly sporty in my youth, it was more something I HAD TO do.
In my adulthood now I enjoy exercising. It helps me have more focus at work and be mentally available for my loved ones.
I changed my mindset by starting attending group classes and find instructors that I like and stick to their classes. It might not be achievable in the current context so my humble piece of advice would be to start small. Challenge yourself with say 5 push ups on day 1, 6 on day 2, etc. Go for a walk, this is exercise too. Jump rope, do jumping jacks. This may seem insignificant but you are actually building up the foundations for an active lifestyle and you will even become addicted to it!
I hope this helps.
Georgia C.
You have to start out slow. Focus on creating one habit at a time and slowly add on from there. Also, you have to be flexible with your workout schedule, but don’t skip your workout. I started off by working out one day a week, then slowly added more days. I also use an app called Fitbod. It is an annually priced app that creates your workout for you based off your current physical state, goals, and experience level. I also don’t track my food because this creates more stress. Instead, I make healthy decisions (that are still tasty) any chance I can. 🙂 Good luck!
Dwayne U.
Getting a workout partner would make it more easier to get up and workout. I also lacked motivation to workout and sometime my friends (which I do have a small circle of ) might not have time to go with me every time. So what I do is just start small, go out for a walk around the neighborhood and put your headphones on and play some music to also get you more motivated. Hope this helps! Good Luck with everything! 🙂
Frida X.
I like to dance because its a great way to exercise your whole body and have fun while you do it. Walking or hiking is also a good way. I usually go hiking with friends or just go on a trail near my house. This can also help with stress.
Julia A.
It was difficult getting back into exercising following an inflamed disc accident I had during an HIIT training session (whilst it sounds mild, I was in sharp pain for 8 months and in low grade pain for about 3 years). I started with yoga, gentle stretching at first and now I'm starting to build some resilience to it (after 2 months of gentle but building practice) I am deepening the poses to how much my body allows. I recommend reading about teachers online, watching their channels and going with the ones that allow particular attention to beginners. Also the ones you like the style of – the more you like their style, the more you'll want to practice. Good luck!
Suzy C.
I think the point is to find what you enjoy most. Try yoga, pilates, dance. It is not really important what you do at the beginning. Just move your body and have fun for few minutes. After this first step you start feeling you want to do it, every day.
Olivia Z.
I’m the same way, I kinda hate exercise but some easy ways to get it is to stretch, which helps me wake up and get some energy, and also taking walks. I like to walk my dog around the neighborhood and it doesn’t register in my mind as exercise.
Nuray N.
I don't like doing a set exercise in the morning or anything that feels like exercise. for me personally I enjoy dancing around the house while I get ready or if I don't feel like doing that I might go out an early morning walk. It depends on you preference and what you enjoy but I do think music is a good way to motivate yourself
Ludmila P.
Start small, find an activity you like or tolerate 😛 and commit to doing it 1 or 2 times a week for 5 or 10min.
Maybe YouTube videos of yoga for beginners or justa a walk around the block. But the most important thing is to set a date and time for each of these first 2 times and build up from there and if it’s getting boring change the activity but try not to stop ou postpone the dates and hours of the exercise… that specific time is for you… it’s an investment 😉 hope I could help.
Victor Z.
You can start with some beginner yoga or some beginner stretches and that should prepare you for exercises think about how much better you would feel after the exhausting part soon enough u won’t feel exhausted and feel good and healthy your body will thank you!
Noah Y.
I also have trouble with this, but find a sport you like and enjoy watching and you may find playing that sport fun and you would have fun and do sport
Alma F.
Give yourself something to look forward to, whether that be cute exercise clothing or watching YouTube while running on a treadmill. Also, start slowly and build up; if you start doing too much at once, it is harder to keep the habit. If you start slowly and reward yourself through the process, you will be motivated to keep going until you realize that you love the process!
Victor Z.
Set up small goals for yourself so that you feel like you are progressing. Like the first goal can be to be able to do 10 pushups and then when you complete that you celebrate it and then go for 20 pushups.
Susan Y.
Do you what you like. Walking or jumping rope, aqua aerobics jumping on a trampoline. Look around and see what sparks an interest. Once you start the good feeling you get from exercise might just keep you going
Deann G.
Top tip don’t ever push yourself into things, or force your body to do things it doesn’t want to do. Just begin by moving, in any way that feels good to you. Maybe you wanna dance around your house, or try a sport with a friend. Anything you try & dislike, try something else. If you force yourself you’ll just end up creating a negative response to exercise when it’s really healthy n positive n can be really fun. If you get tired, stop. Try again another day. Just enjoy the process. Think about your reasons why u wanna do it for motivation and have a look online for inspiration. Maybe look up pictures of body shapes you would like, or read up on the benefits of how you feel when you’re fit n strong. Anything that resonates with your personal reasons. If you choose things you enjoy you’ll naturally look forward to it every day without having to try to find inspiration or motivation. It shouldn’t ever be a chore. If it feels like a chore, it feels bad, which is a sign to change what you’re doing. X
Denise Z.
You can join a group. You can pick a sport that is challenging enough for you to have a goal and end fulfilling result or satisfying feedback or experience. Consider also if you are willing to invest in the sport for fitness for health for recreation or for competition. Try a sport for fun
Suzy O.
Integrate it into a part of your daily life like brushing your teeth even if you don't want to. A healthy mind needs a suitable vessel to do the work it aspires to
Reni Q.
Start by doing small exercises. Although doctors say that you should exercise 60 minutes a day, start with small, short exercises. Start by doing an amount that works for you, like 5 minute core exercises. Don’t forget to make sure it’s not too easy or too hard.
Be sure to continue this for about a week, and when you’re ready, start doing longer exercises.
The key is to never stop!
Carl F.
Watch some videos of people that got through a lot of physical changes just by training. Once you start training you will like the feeling that it gives you. It will really help you going on. Also, if you don’t want to accomplish anything and just really need to train for you health, think about the fact that training is also really good for your mind and will help you feel more energetic for the rest of your day
Ron E.
Well first of all get yourself a motivating sports playlist (there are a lot of really nice ones on Spotify). Then you can start by just like going for walks around the neighborhood or a bit of stretching. You can also get yourself a membership at a local gym and go there a couple times a week so you don’t waste the money. So basically using your payment as leverage against your desire to skip exercise. You can vary your exercise program everyday so you cover all of your body. For example on Monday you work on abs, Tuesday you go for a jog etc. Another good idea would be to invite a friend or family member to exercise together! Hope this helps!
Deborah U.
I feel you. I started out with yoga, because it’s both good for your mental and physical health — plus it’s good for burning those toxic calories. You have to start out slowly, so you won’t get any injuries — it can really kill your motivation, if you have to take too many rest days.
What I personally do is:

Monday: 5km walk + leg day + stretching exercises from yoga
Tuesday: 5km walk + arm day + stretch
Wednesday: 5km walk + abs + power yoga
Thursday: 8km walk
Friday: 5km walk + full body workout + stretch followed by meditation
Saturday: 5km walk and meditation
Sunday: 10km walk + abs

It helped motivate me, when I told some of my friends, that I’m doing that — cause I’m not fond of being a quitter as always.

Oh, and remember if you wanna see result fast then use weights and eat healthy — lots of protein and whole grains

Annette Y.
I have never been a strenuous exerciser. Had weight issues and just didn’t enjoy it. Now at age 75, I do non-weight baring exercises in bed each morning before I even get up for the day. Stretching, certain yoga moves, and 20 minutes of laying flat and rocking (back and forth) both legs. Pointing toes away from the other foot, and rotating back together. It seems small, but it works all the muscles all the way up to my lower abdomen. And I have noticed my legs are stronger and more defined. I also tighten my stomach muscles intermittently during the time I work my legs. Having the morning news and discussion shows on helps pass the time. Good luck.
Gavin S.
I suggest to thini of a reason why you wanna get into better shape and focus on that. Start your training slowly do something easy like a 30 second plank and slowly build up.
Madison G.
Know what keeps you going. And hook your exercise on that. Say, youre happy when youre writing poems. Ask yourself, in what place are you getting the rush of inspiration on writing poems? Is it in the park? Nearby cafe? This is where the exercise will enter – try walking, biking, or anything that is more 'exercising' than your previous. Maybe instead of driving towards the park, you may take your bike, or take a jog.
Alma F.
Ok it's simple prepare a chart of all the exercises that you can do, and the time and days in which you can work out, yoga, and meditation .
Savannah J.
Make a playlist that gets you excited, buy or pick out a workout outfit that makes you feel good, create a workout that you’re excited to try (whether that’s trying new exercises or trying to achieve more reps/sets/higher weight), and remind yourself of how good you’ll feel after you’ve worked out! The last one is my biggest motivator. Post workout endorphins are life changing!