I hate exercise viscerally. I couldn’t stick to 7 min, so I switched to 1 min one. How do you hate exercise less?

Peyton J.
I just make it like a challenge like let's see how much I can do without pausing and it makes it a bit more fun and sometimes I listen to music.
Mackenzie P.
Find something that is exercising that you love to do. For example I’m not a fan of actually workouts, but I do love to run, walk, and bike.
Sofia E.
Do an activity that doesn't feel like exercise – dancing, hiking, walking with a friend. Make it about having fun and it'll feel less like a task.
Sarah J.
Try lots of options. Reframe from "I hate exercise" to "I need to find the kind of exercise or the trainer that clicks with me." I like youtube channels Fitnessblender and Blogilates, or walking, or dancing. Another strategy is linking exercise to something you like. Say, "I am only allowed to watch this TV show I like if I exercise in front of the TV." Or make a playlist of great songs, but only listen while exercising. I wish you luck in finding a kind of exercise you like or a way to train your brain to like it! You got this!
Janice Z.
Read Atomic Habits by James Clear. He says there is no such thing as motivation. Then he tells you how to stack habits until you are doing what you want to do. Also I have always hated running, but I bought the Zombies Run app. The stories are interesting and they have a training plan that made me think that possibly I can be a runner.
Andy O.
Try the 7 min one but just try doing one of each. Or use simplified version of some of the exercises. Don't squat too low, don't lunge too low, sit ups just a little. Plank, just see if you can get into position,try 1 second relax then try another. I was very demotivated when I first did 7 min. Felt feeble. Keep going and you'll feel great.
Julien E.
I focus on things I know are really good for me and I don't overwhelm myself with having to have a perfect plan. I usually stretch for a couple minutes, do two or three yoga poses and then 5 reps of a couple easy exercises like lunges, squats, or crunches
Torye I.
By finding an exercise that doesn't feel like exercise, something that calms you or something that hypes you up. I dance. That's my form of exercise. Zumba is my go to, but it doesn't always have to be. I like stretching, that's a great exercise because it doesn't even feel like I'm "exercising" but I enjoy it. If you keep telling yourself how much you hate something, you're going to hate it that much more. Be positive.
Kunal X.
Find the reason why you hate it and ask yourself it is really that bad you will be surprised to know that your brain will give you hundreds of Reasons why it is so good. Now change your mindset and embrace it, do it for yourself, change the way you do the exercise into something fun, change the rules and this game will be yours.
Sofie W.
Personally, I switched to doing 7-10 minute yoga workouts. It’s not as intense, and a good way to start on your fitness journey. Or even go out and take a walk. The exercise doesn’t need to be extreme workouts, just getting your body moving is a great start. Then, when you feel more comfortable, start trying harder things.
Sara F.
Exercising is like dancing. So whenever I exercise I play my favorite song first and then while exercising, instead of a break, I dance. That's why I love exercising.
Theodore Q.
I try to think about how good it is for my body. Even though I don’t like exercising I want to take care of my body. And you gotta move your body to take care of it. Also, try to find some way of moving your body that you enjoy. Like walks or yoga.
Lauren N.
I’ve been struggling working out too, but it’s just a matter of finding out what you like to do. I hate to do cardio when I started working out and I gave up for a long time. Then I tried weight lifting bc why not, and I found out that I enjoy it much more. So, it’s important to just look around for what you like. There are hundreds of different workouts in the world, so there’s tons to try!
Emily Q.
I'm definitely in the same boat! The way I look at it, even moving for 1 minute is a start, and I can do 1 minute for 1 week, or 10 days. Then, make it 2 minutes, and keep adding on gradually. It also helps if I do something that isn't labeled as "exercise" in my brain, such as silly dancing to music, walking outside, or stretching. I still definitely hate running, or doing a workout routine, but I love how I feel after a hike or a good stretching session
Crystal Q.
Keep your goal somewhere that you can see it when you get up. Also keep your reason for exercising somewhere visible! Buy cute workout clothes. Don’t think you have to exercise in the mornings as long as you do it at some point in the day. Have someone do it with you! Follow fitness pages on social media.
Sinaida E.
Start small, 7 minute workout is fine, start with low impact one, try incorporating something you like to exercising like music or dance…