How do you manage to pass boredom in routine exercise?

Laurindo Y.
I guess this will all depend on the type of exercise, but here are some thoughts.

If your brain isn't into it anymore, try using that time to think through things, a time to reflect and practice affirmations or mindfulness while your body works.

If you're a competitive person, consider challenging yourself to doing more days in a row of the routine exercise than before and see how far you can get.

Perhaps use the time to listen to podcasts and switch up the topics rather than that same workout playlist that used to get you pumped.

Good luck, despite the repetition you are doing brilliant things!

Jane C.
I pick 3 or 4 exercises I like and rotate them when I get bored. I try to choose routines that are dissimilar. For instance, I do pilates, circuit training, and belly dancing videos on YouTube. YouTube is a great place to find new exercise regimens!
Chenli P.
Just do it and don’t let yourself think about it~ usually you will feel good after the exercise and feel bad for not doing it😄
Natara Y.
I try to change it up when I get bored. Try a new thing, or go back to an old one. Variety is key… whilst running is a constant I want to vary up the off days?
Michelle Z.
Listening to music I love helps a lot! Especially music that makes me want to dance and/or is something I can keep my pace to. If I'm doing something with a slower pace, I will listen to a podcast or video messages from friends
Hakey N.
I think that choosing exercises that are fun and that you’ll actually do is really important. I have done more boring workout guides, but I find I like the variety in YouTube workouts a lot right now.
Khushi E.
This question is easy. Balast your favorite playlist on Spotify. Or if that'll distract you, play a audiobook or podcast. There are tons free on Spotify.
Caroline F.
To pass boredom, i try to mix it up! I follow a few different exercise youtube accounts, mix in stretching/yoga to give my body a break from weighted exercises, and go on walks with my family and friends.