If you aren’t running as a workout what is your ritual to get your workout started?

Alexa E.
I do the buddhist prostrations. The whole ones: from standing position to laying on my belly, and back. It is better than squat and far better than running for beginners.
Mads P.
I drink a pre workout mix that gives me caffeine and gets me ready to go. Then I do cardio to warm but my workout: either a rowing machine, running, or a circuit. A bike is often an option as well. After that warmup you’re ready to conquer anything
Eda T.
Stretching, always stretching. Put on some music and don't impose rules. You will restore your mind-body connection by doing just what your body feels like doing in the moment – whether it's jumping jacks, yoga poses, or just lying on your back and rocking back and forth for 8-15 minutes.
Frank A.
I do a 5BX style workout in the morning. I want to do it right after getting up in my PJs but that doesn't always happen.
The real cue is the feeling of 'I want to air the appartment now' in the morning. I do it right before opening the windows because I can stand the cool air better when I'm a bit warmed up from the exercises.
Freja C.
I tried a LOT of times to build a relatioanship with running, but I accepted that it is just not for me. Instead I do morning yoga, functional training twice a week and a lot od walking during the week and hiking in the weekends.