What is the best exercise to lose weight?

Thies E.
Actually i don't know i think weight loss is more than exercise what one eats is a major aspect in weight loss I exercise to keep fit weight has never been an issue
Johanna F.
I really don't know what the best exercise is to loose weight. It can be a good option to take a walk every day. I think!
Shriji F.
As per my experience I think rope skipping and plank hold are the best to fulfill the purpose because these exercises engage the whole body muscles along with core . Skipping rope is something which we have done in our childhood so there is no hard and fast rule for that but in case of plank hold there are so thing that should be kept in mind while doing it -first is the body posture ,Our neak , backbone and legs should be aligned in straight line while doing plank. For beginners don't go hard on yourself start with holding it for 30 sec and then slightly increase the by 10 sec day by day . Hope this help …Have a great day:)
Joless N.
i think that the best way to lose weight is cardio, for example running and jumps – but you can also find specific exercises on youtube, like i did for my daily stretching :3
Musa N.
First of all, you need to watch what you eat, its about calories in, calories out.
1- cut alcoohol and any type of smoking, fast food, processed food ( this point is a mandatory my friend)
2- go to the gym 2 times/week, weightlift ( work 3 exercises with 3 sets every major muscle(biceps, tricepes/back/chest/legs), try to lift small weight and make many reps, ex : bicepes curl : 1 set: 9kg/20-25 reps)
3- choose a day in the week, stick to that day, where you put your shoes and run 2, 3 or 4 km outside( easy runinng, no sprints)
4- be tough my friend, life is tough, you need to be tough, temptation is everywhere, the luckiest ones are those who dont go with the flow