I’m not sure about the type of exercise I should do for my habit. I like being outside, so running would be good, but I also love yoga and think yoga would be easier to maintain with my lifestyle (different job hours, moving, etc.). What do you think I should do?

Earl U.
it doesn’t have to be one or the other, if yoga seems more practical do it more on a daily basis and as for running or being outside you could do that on the weekends or when you have extra time i think it’s important to feel the joy of it (especially since it’s something you like) without it being a burden on your day
Thahira G.
Behavioral research is built into every journey, challenge and practice session. Start building habits today…ya that's the matter… We have different life style, different work hours … But we all know our health is most precious wealth especially our mental health…we must find a good time for our physical health because it leads to our mental health so peaceful…so don't hide from yourself with an empty excuses. No one is ready to change you… Manage your time with a powerful tiny to do list… You also said you are ready to run and to do yoga… So mange the time to do all of these… Early morning is the best time for Yoga. Yoga makes us calm and healthy with morning freshness… It leads to a peaceful mind to think what is good for us. Go ahead …
Jessica U.
Pick the one you will genuinely look forward to that will cause you the least stress. If the yoga leaves you happy and fits better with your schedule, maybe do that and save the run for days off (and make it somewhere you look forward to, like a nature preserve or a park).
Bertha J.
I think it's much better. The exercise in the garden or any place that you like will give a motivation to yourself .Also Yoga should give your mind so free. My answer is that is so cool thing
Kylie Z.
What about a little bit of both? You could try running to something like a park near where you live, do some yoga, and run back. It doesn't need to be far, but running is good for your entire body, and overall healt, while yoga keeps you strong and flexible. Good luck!