How long do you exercise in the mornings? Do you do another exercise routine later in the day as well or is your morning exercise your regular workout?

Bobbie E.
Hello, as my morning routine, I make around 15 minutes a kind of yoga, after I meditate. I make fabulous exercise, in the day when I have time. But I always make them, even if I do not have time, I make it!
Jeanne Y.
Some mornings I exercise for about 10 minutes, taking a quick walk. Other mornings I am able to take a longer walk spending an hour or more walking with a friend or my daughter and granddaughter. Sometimes if the weather is bad I do some yoga stretches in the morning.
Kaylee F.
My morning excercises are my regular routines if I can not do them in the mornings either the next day or during night time.
Nina U.
I do a half hour walk right after breakfast. And before I go to work in the afternoon I do push-ups crunches stretches for about 5 minutes
Hartmuth O.
I’m in high school so I don’t have a lot of time to exercise in the morning, so I try to set aside a few minutes. Because I have such a short amount of time I like to run. On days whenever I don’t have a lot of homework I like to do a regular jog when I can.
Shawn B.
Ideally I would wake up.earlier and go to the gym so it can be my regular workout. For me this works because I am a student, the gym is nearby and at the mornings it is less crowded too.
Isabell J.
I don’t exactly exercise in the morning. When I wake up I put on some upbeat music and pretend I’m in a magical world. It makes me happy and I jump around when I do my morning routine. It also takes me 10 minutes walking to get to the train stop. I do have another ab workout routine in the afternoon using an app called Keep. C;
El Na Q.
I usually only do a short training session in the morning to kickstart the day, such as 5 minutes yoga, or a seven-minute workout. This is because I usually have regular training in the evening. If I do not have training in the evening tho, I may step up my game at the morning exercise if I feel like it. Sometimes I just take it easy even though I have no training in the evening, it kinda depends on how much I have trained throughout the week 🥰
Traudl F.
I’ve just started exercising, so for now I keep it under 15 minutes in the morning so I’m guaranteed to do it and still be in time for work. Every morning I choose something different. Yoga, stretching or mini home workout. I use YouTube on the tv for inspiration and routines.
Cathleen F.
A minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes. It all depends upon how much time I have available and how I feel. Usually I do a 15 or 30 minute yoga and then if I have time a 15 or 30 minute body weight HIIT. Ultimately my goal is simply to be active every morning even if it's only five minutes of stretching or calesthenics.

I'd love to have a second workout but it's often not practical for me. Instead I make sure I'm active throughout the day. If it's an office day I take a 15 minute walk every 2 hours and/or use the weight machine we set up in the warehouse. If it's a field operation day I'll do push-ups, squats, and stretches at my work station. If it's a setup or installation day I'm usually plenty active anyway.

Regina S.
I exercise daily morning approx. for an hour, half an hour brisk walk followed by half hour gym weight exercises or half hour yoga alternately. After that some stretching and breathing exercises. In day time very limited exercises, generally small walks. Evening I take stairs to my 5th floor home followed by 20 min walk after dinner and 10 min meditation before sleep.
Carmelo E.
Every day I do 2 different workouts. I do an aerobic workout most days by walking the soft sand on the beach. (I have arthritis and nerve damage so the soft sand takes more strength to get through a mile of walking.) And, my risk of falling on hard surfaces is mitigated by soft sand.) I also do a strength exercise session daily as well. I've gotten a lot of ideas for strength exercises via Pinterest and from apps for various pieces of equipment. If I can't walk I'll ride on my stationary bike, or anything to the point of getting super sweatty. (I don't think that last part is really a tip.) 😁
Hannah P.
I just do the morning routine ..and okt bad been 1 minute. I did get an exercise watch ants have set a goal of 7500 steps a day. Yesterday i did 4200.My goal is to better that number and get away least 5000 today!
Romane I.
Right now I'm just doing a simple 10-minute workout. Any longer and I start finding excuses to skip it. But I figure, once 10 minutes feels nice, normal, and habitual I'll start to slowly increase it.
Krin Q.
If I do yoga I have shorter sessions, but if I dance I don't stop till I am tired. So I would say the minimum is 10 minutes.
Ellie J.
Morning works best for me. I walk an hour or row for 30. If i don't do it in the morning my chances to get it done decreases
Victoria A.
Walking 2.5 miles in the mornings. At 3 pm I do 1.5 hrs of Sauna and walk 1 mile after dinner. Then a shower before bed.
Gerry O.
I plan my most intense workout in the morning. In the evening, I do a lite form of it mainly dominated by stretches. I am planning doing Yoga in the evening too!
Matthieu A.
I try for at least 20 minutes of exercise. I’m a morning person so mornings are better. I may do a walk after work, as it is also a nice way to conclude the day!
Alma Q.
I did 5 minutes exercise in the morning. In this rest of day , I just walk for the purpose of travel. Not sure how long they are.
Arlindo E.
I usually try to do a light exercise for about 15-20 minutes in the morning. I will also workout throughout the day, mostly in the afternoon and the evening. The amount of exercise I receive varies based on the day, how much time I have, and how I am feeling!
Sheila Y.
I exercise for about 20-30 minutes at night, but I just put on an exercise class and try to go through it as well as I can.
Sam O.
I do 25 mins of yoga in the morning, every morning. I currently do not do anything else except for an occasional walk but it is not routine yet.
Clara W.
Only a few minutes in the morning to get moving. My actual exercise routine is later in the day. Usually a quick walk in the morning with my dog and yoga in the evening.
Sandy U.
Depends on the day! I have 3 fitness classes that I take every week – two on Monday evening and one on Tuesday evening. Other days I try to practice Tai Chi before bed, but I wouldn't call it a separate Workout.
Bertram Z.
In the morning I do a 10 minute yoga routine. Except for friday’s, that day I do a 75 min yoga class. On work day’s (3 days a week) I cycle to and from work for 20 min. And on the other four days a week I go outside for a short (15 min) or long (1 hour) walk.
Martha P.
My morning routine is TaiChi. Very good to start moving. Usually I try for more TaiChi / breathing or a walk or fitness later in the day.
Jeffrey E.
Half an hour in the morning. At the end of the day, I walk for an hour. I have incidental walking as well during the day . . I love to walk and I take every opportunity that I can have to just walk.
Villads W.
I only do a quick exercise in the morning, unless I wake before the kids. Otherwise I workout throughout the day, broken into 10min or less sessions. Lastly I walk the dog at night 😀
Holly O.
My morning exercise is about 10 minutes long but I do another routine lasting 20-40 minutes when I get home in the afternoon. This helps me stay energized all day by getting my body moving at the times when I feel most tired.
Louison Z.
Are usually exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes in the morning and then I work throughout the day and I have another exercise in the evening one hour with a trainer or cardio five days a week
Signe E.
I work out for 15 minutes every morning. I start with 5 minutes of yoga to warm up, and then I do circuits of bear crawl and walking lunges for 10 minutes. It doesn't take long, but I get my heart rate up above 180 and I feel pretty smoked at the end. Right now, that is my only workout for the day, though some days I might walk in the afternoon. I want to end up doing 30 minutes of circuits in the morning, but right now I am building up to 12 minutes.
Sifredo C.
I'm pretty active all day, I don't like to sit still. In the morning I do a more classic workout but in the afternoon I longboard or rollerblade or sometimes run, which I know a lot of other people consider to be a workout.
Emile Z.
I am currently using an App that focuses on Seven Minute work outs, but I am doing 2 cycles so 14 minutes all up. It operates on a 30 sec routine with 16 circuits and a 10 sec break inbetween – but some circuits are 60 secs as the exercise focuses on 1 side (30secs) and then the other side (i.e. Side Planks). I exercise at 5:20am each morning after my first big glass of water.
Na L C.
I workout between 30 minutes and an hour a day. Usually at 5:20 am. I do sometimes do a downing workout in the afternoon/evening but that's not daily. I use 3 different workout apps. 2 yoga and one strength. Plus I'm often doing some 30 day challenge. Doing a pushup challenge and an abs challenge right now
Ellen X.
My morning exercise is my main exercise for each day. It also inspires me to be active throughout my day as I go about my regular duties/activities. In the morning I will exercise for around 10-20-ish minutes depending on what my day looks like.
Zarco N.
I’ve started with 5 minutes and hope to work my way up to 30. Next week will be the 7 minute workouts. I figure I’ll start slow, build up my confidence and stamina, then increase the time. I also spend a lot of time on my feet at work, so I am exhausted by the end of the day, that’s why I don’t do any other exercise during the day.
Heldo A.
It depends on the day. Now, I’m not saying I’m doing it “right,” but sometimes my morning routine is as little as dancing to peppy music while I make breakfast and pick out clothes to wear. It still seems to put me in a better mood! Outside of that, I have a goal to work out 2.5 hours a week, so I do a longer workout in the afternoon.
Amadis N.
I mostly exersise at night for about twenty minutes, whether it’s a light walk or a full on weight-lifting squat workout. Sometimes I don’t have time for it, but what’s really important for me is getting out of a chair and unplugging so I can feel better, not to mention be healthier. As long as you’re doing something little each day, I think that’s good.