How many times do you exercise in a day?

Jar J.
Mostly, my exercise is walking. I don't have a car, so I walk a lot. My other "exercise" is housework. I do that in the morning, four times a week.
Maristela C.
Once right when I get out of bed. It refreshes me and get's my heart beat up and running. I only do a seven minute workout.
Lester I.
I exercise daily except if the weather is bad. If it’s raining or to cold or even if there is snow on the road I may skip.
Sophia O.
I do a 25 minute walk, a 45 minute hill climb and work in a kitchen and restaurant for 8 hours a day. I do this 5-6/7 days per week
Zoey T.
mandatorily once, but i like to go twice a day: one workout in the morning and one in the evening after work. that second workout is often tiring and difficult to find motivation for so i feel that that is a point of improvement
Sofie P.
Once a day, but moving forward I am setting goals to complete 2 workouts a day and a stretch around lunchtime. So it would look like this…AM walk, Afternoon Stretch and PM walk or cardio or strength training .
Gilcenira A.
Once. Either a 10-30 minute walk AM or a longer strength training/ aerobic session after work. I also started planking 2x a day. Currently 45 seconds
Marizete C.
I exercise every morning for at least an hour- walking 5 miles and then a half hour of weights. I exercise through the day by taking the stairs and parking far. And I often walk another 3 miles in the evening
Maurice F.
I ride my bike to work in the morning and am now trying to walk during my lunches at work. When I bike to work I have to bike back so about twice.

I also try to go to the gym three times a week.

So at times it’s up to maybe four times a day. Other times at least once. Even if it’s a walk or yoga session.

Pamela U.
I run one mile every morning. Most days, that’s my only exercise except for any walking I do at work. Once a week, I go to a yoga class, and once a week I go rock climbing.
Katie J.
I start with a nice easy walk within an hour of waking. I park further from stores and enjoy hiking. I kayak when I want quiet on the lake. Exercise is everywhere. It doesn't need to be planned and timed all the time. Spontaneity is exciting!
Ne Teles P.
When I’m really feeling it, i’ll exercise 3 times a day. I’ll take my dog for a walk in the morning, do exercises on the app on my phone and i’ll go to the gym. Most days only walk my dog and one of the others though.
Phoebe Y.
I try for 2 smaller sessions, a quick one first thing when I get up, and a long walk or bike ride in the afternoon/evening
Steven S.
Off and on, during the day, I look at my exercise equipment. It looks like fun, and I feel like doing some. So, I would say, two or three times a day I do about ten minutes on a piece of equipment. And I always feel good afterwards.
Lee E.
I exercise once a day usually. I hope to increase that when my kids are older. I also moved exercise to the afternoon because I noticed that I didn't have strength in the morning, but if I did the same workout later in the day I did it much better
Pauline C.
At least once a day either by walking for an hour or more, cycling somewhere or by making a planned exercise time when working. Making a olan for each working day from Monday to Friday is the important part, even if staying away in a hotel or otherwise. I must always plan at least 3 days ahead for my working day exercise as to fail to plan this is definitely planning to fail in a daily short exercise routine 😀
Sara N.
I exercise 30 mins to an hour a day. Mainly in the morning because it help fuel me. Plus being a mother that's all I need especially since I'm always playing and exercising with them.
Anuncia O E.
Before I discover this app I used to do my exercises once or two times in a week, sometimes even in a month. Now, with this app, I do my exercises once or two times in a day!
Zoey T.
Hmmm depending on the day, 1 to 4 times a day. Since I don’t have a car, I share with my boyfriend but some days I have to walk and take the bus. I count that as a low intensity workout since the walls can be long. Usually there is an hour wait for the buses and during that time I will walk around the town. Then I hike down the hill from my job at the hotel to get to the village below. And some days I will actually go into the gym at my apartment and lift some weights or do yoga or HIIT workout in my apartment.
Barbara F.
It depends. Most times I try to crunch it all in 15 mins to an hr, but I will often stretch towards the end of the day too.
Berend Y.
I find that the best days are when I exercise many times a day. I like to start with a run, then walk my dogs, maybe do yoga midday, walk my dogs some more.