What do you do for your morning excersise?

Frederik C.
I’m starting my exercise recently. Since I’m not a workout guy, I started the morning exercise with lunges, jumping jacks and high-knees running, each with 30 seconds Andy 15 seconds rest between each exercise.
Dylan E.
I use an app called Home Workout. Its pretty good and the duration for each exercise is between 7 to 15 minutes. so it's really appropriate for a daily routine exercise.
Good luck
Danielle I.
I started with a beginners 10 minute workout and have now got myself into a routine of 20 minutes on my elliptical followed with whatever amount of situps I can do
Jonas W.
I usually just take a 20-minute walk from home to uni instead of taking the bus. If it's a weekend day I would just do some light exercises (squats, 7-minute workouts, etc). I try to focus more on keeping the habit rather than giving 200%
Felix U.
Stretches that keep moving, because doing static stretches too early can hurt your muscles. I usually do something light just to get my body moving and my blood flowing. I personally like blogilates videos on YouTube. Especially her “wake up with me” videos for the mornings
Cheryl G.
I walk the dog for one mile. Always the same loop – each court several times, past the house and back. It’s a time to think, or listen to podcasts, or to notice the change in the neighbourhood. It’s a reminder that my labour is valuable to another creature.
Christian A.
mostly yoga and stretching. just to get my body moving and stretching let’s me be more relaxed and comfortable in my body. sometimes some planks, sit-ups or scrunches just to feel a little tension and burn. love that feeling. 🙂