How can you make it easier for yourself to walk to work every morning?

Erick J.
This is a tough one depending on the distance, but if it's not that far out your headphones in, listen to a book, a podcast, music, etc. All of these things will keep your mind off of the walk itself and before you know it you'll be there and have enjoyed your time doing it with a little entertainment.
T O A.
I exit from home a bit earlier so that I can walk slowly and I can see the nature around me, the sun on my skin, the wind through my hair, the singing birds…
Tessa Q.
Punish yourself when u dont do it (like running the next day) And give urself something nice (like spa or just chocolate) and try to stay motivated;
Cristina Q.
Have everything ready the night before so when you wake up you can just get up and go. Maybe even have a breakfast prepared you can eat while walking
Sebastian P.
I work from home but every morning I walk 5km along the sea front before I sit down to work. I treat it like a commute, something I have to do regardless of the weather.
Alan J.
It became a habit to start my day by feeling myself (feeling pretty, comfortable and I want to keep my working environment clean) then from there, I know what I had to do next, which is to just work 😅. For really difficult days, in the morning, I reflect on my goals. Then I try to think if my family, how much I want them to be proud of me.