How do you exercise with 2 kids under 3?

Lena A.
Use the younger for endurance weight lifting and the older one for strength weight lifting. Turn it into a game for them, you'll also get stronger as they grow
Rute A.
Take them to a park and show them the games you used to play at their age. Children are full of energy and a game of tag will certainly get the blood pumping.
Philip U.
I have two kids aged 2 and 4. In my case, I run with the smaller with an adequate trolley. Also, I have a chair in the bike, that supports up to 25 kg. Finally, both of them find it funny to help me with the 7 min workout. Some exercises, like high knees or squats they can do it. I other ones, like crunches, they clap my hand each time I finish a crunch.
Arthur C.
Make them a part of the exercise. Pushups? Try letting them take turns sitting on your back. Another idea is to use them as weights to lift. Make it a game. That or get a babysitter.
Georgia A.
Well, I don’t have kids but I’ll try and answer this to the best of my abilities. I would recommend setting a small amount of time everyday, perhaps when they’re napping or out with friends, to do quick small exercises. Or a good exercise is simply going on a walk and you could take your children with you.
Mary E.
if you wanna make the change in your life …than
You gonna find the time to workout 🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️🧘‍♀️ 🧗‍♀️🚴‍♀️ I think 🤔 the best way to do it is ….when you put kids to sleep than you step it up and do it 10 minutes is better than nothing . Good luck 🍀👍
Mildred T.
I think you can exercise with your kids by integrating your exercises with them or simply teaching and letting them join you. You can play with them while exercising (like taking a short jog with them or taking turns lifting both of them up and down as a little game). That way, you will all be able to exercise, bond and have fun. (I hope this was helpful)
Isaac F.
First you determine how much exercise is realistically possible and set reasonable goals for yourself. Then, a double stroller is great for long walks (maybe add some ankle weights if you really want to push her self, or weight to the stroller). You can also pause every ten minutes and do maybe 10/20 lunges.
When my son was small I found that going out for long power walks with other mothers with small children always made exercising easier. And Just be happy with yourself for trying.
Gina F.
I’m actually not sure! I don’t have any children, so the best advice I can give you is to ask friends of yours that have children, or Google your question.
Mikkel C.
My kids are now 16 & 19 but I remember doing yoga dvds or going on our elliptical during their naps. It didn’t happen every day but here and there for even a few minutes was great.
Marie F.
The answer kind of depends on how much under 3 they both are. If they’re both walking, I say exercise with them! There are lots of videos online of accessible mom & toddler exercises. There are also some gyms (Fit4Mom for example) that cater to moms with kids! If you are looking to exercise at an intensity your kids can’t keep up with, I suggest researching your local gyms for those with drop-in childcare and consider church wellness centers/Jewish community centers/etc!
Quim Z.
i don't have two kids under three, but if i did i think chasing them around all day would probably count as exercise. it might be good to make a game out of it, set aside some 8min minimum time frame to play tag:jump rope/some other active activity that could be part of bonding with the child. another thing– airplane, or picking the kid up and throwing them in the air. it's not a big exercise but it's someplace to start that can serve a dual purpose. if
Mesut F.
Mine are 5 and 3, so not quite the same, but I set them up with their breakfast first and then start my morning exercise. Sometimes they will join me. Yours might be too young for that. Can you wear one of them? What about walking/jogging/running with the stroller? Dancing? If you have a partner perhaps they can watch the kids while you exercise.
Letitia A.
Well i usually exercise early morning when they are sleeping and in the eve before shower. In case they are awake, they could be playing around and sometimes my son exercises with me!
Yvonne Q.
I have a daughter under 2, and I’ve found that Beachbody workouts or just workouts on YouTube that I can do during her nap work awesome!
Hanife F.
I have tried exercising while they nap but what has seemed to work best for me is involving the kids. Have a child lay on your legs while you do sit ups for example. Also, doing small quick exercise moves is helpful. Remember every little bit counts!
Tamires Q.
I would set them up with regular sleeping patterns, then find some routines you tube that you can do when they go to sleep. Alternatively see if you can find a gym that has a creche. Or put them in a double buggy and go for brisk walks. There are plenty of ways around it! Some parent and toddler groups set up sessions also.
Diana P.
There is a franchise called Baby Bootcamp. You can bring your kids, get a great workout, and socialize. See if it’s in your area!
Loris C.
Dance time. You boogie they watch or try to boogie. use them as weights. Kids like being lifted, you can take turns doing simple exercises holding whichever you can. Maybe the heavier one for squats and heel raises, and the lighter one for over head arm raises. If they can hold on have one sit on your back and do plank or push ups (knees down is fine 😀) They will think it is a ride. Check out some baby and me or mommy and me yoga/exercise videos on YouTube.
Franklin Y.
The best thing to take care of them while you exercise and if you can't try to keep active with planed short bouts of aerobic activity.
Aaron F.
Every gym I’ve gone to has had a daycare section. If you don’t want to join a gym, you could always take them with you on a walk/jog/run.
Jamie S.
When they are all wired up after staying in the house go out on the grass and do exercises encouraging them to do them with you.
Chester N.
I do it in the morning before they wake up. I have twin boys and I sleep trained them as babies so they sleep throughout the night consistently enough for me to know what time to wake up and do my workout. If I can't get around to it I'll do it after I put them down at night. The duration of workouts is usually around an hour sometimes it can be a little less time depending on what type of program your on. Using a survival routine or schedule and knowing what your doing for that day or even week helps a lot in gauging where you can squeeze extra time in of you have to. By cutting short sine other activities that may not be as high of a priority at the moment.
Florinda Q.
Go ahead and play with them – put on music and dance around to it inviting the kids along. Go outside if possible and observe things together on a little walk – backyard is good-animal & plantlife. Sing together. Tuck in some yoga indoors just don’t expect a perfect session but ha e a happy one – show some poses.