Do you eat before or after your morning exercise habit? And how long do you work out, or is it just a short session and you save the real workout for later?

Mary C.
Hello! I am actually a long distance runner so I like to finish my run first thing in the morning and then have a large snack to hold me over until lunch and to replenish the calories I lost in my run. As of late I have been waking up early to do yoga while the sun rises and then go for my run later in the morning around 11 am. I do all kinda of different workouts and exercises and do long walks if I I don't feel like running. I have been wanting to coach/be a personal trainer for a while now so I'd love to help you if you want a workout schedule or ideas for workouts! Happy exercising! ♡
Karen U.
I exercise before I eat. I do the 1 minute session on the Fabulous App. I make sure I smile throughout the session. Somehow that makes it easier and I feel more invigorated when I smile. Then I shower and go for breakfast. Currently this is my exercise for the day. I hope to build it up as I continue my fabulous journey.
Start small :when I first did it I was completely breathless after 1 minute, now I can do it without collapsing on the bed at the end.
Add small increases: currently adding extra press ups, holding a plank and doing extra star jumps.
Keep a long term plan in the back of the mind: my plan is to do a 5 minute pre breakfast session and a daily 3 mile walk.
Glen U.
I mark it complete if I feel I was active enough during the day. I’m not yet ready for a strict exercise routine and I’m struggling with insomnia so morning exercise is rarely a possibility.
Raphaela Q.
I always have breakfast before I work out. In the morning I do short workouts, but in the evening I do the real workout which lasts about 7 minutes
Marco C.
I usually do short workouts in the morning before breakfast. This is because almost every night I train in something else (3 times a week Brazilian Jujitsu and 2 times free body/weight training). Almost always the morning workouts consist of a short yoga session and some flexions but lately I am trying, before doing yoga, to walk for about ten minutes so as to activate the mind in addition to the body.
Keith J.
In the morning, I like to take a short 10 minute morning exercise to get my body ready for the day. I just stretch and do some light cardio. I save the real workout for later in the day after work. I drink water before my morning exercise and eat breakfast after exercising.
Nabia N.
I eat after exercise session. I'm just a beginner so, I prefer small/short session for workout. In that particular session I did all of the exercises that I want to do. Actually before starting my workout I did a warm-up it can ready your body for workout. And I didn't save anything for later.