Any suggestions to get into the habit of exercising again?

Ivana Q.
Start small! Don’t overwhelm yourself – just go based on what you enjoy and start with small incremental workouts until you can build up to bigger workouts. Any time spent moving your body is better than nothing!

Marcus Q.
I think there are a few steps.
1. Choose something you truly like. I don’t like traditional gyms, for example. So, I opt for activities like yoga, rock climbing and bouldering, skiing, and hiking. If you’re having fun, it doesn’t feel like a chore.
2. Start small, with realistic goals. I have a toddler, so sometimes I can only get 1 or 2 days of exercise or sometimes, I do a quick workout and get my little to join in. The 7-minute workout on this app is great!
3. Schedule it. Put an hour or whatever on your calendar and set a reminder alarm (or two). Treat it like a meeting or something you really can’t cancel.
4. Just like anything, if you skip or miss a few, don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day. Be kind to yourself and get pumped for the next opportunity to get moving.
5. Write down your reasons for exercising. Make that your mantra—your why.

Anete A.
– Have a specific time of the day and do not compromise it
– Ideally exercise with a friend but you stick to the schedule regardless of your partner
– Do not go crazy and workout until you drop
– Ideally find martial art or an exercise regiment that is not boring (ie the gym)
– Don't o overthink, just do it

Ted X.
start small but have a positive mindset and a determined one to motivate you to start. start with an excercise with something that relates to you, like if you want abs start with a 10 min ab workout. i recommend looking at exercises from youtubers like emi wong or chloe ting or pamela reif. it will be hard but you have to remember why you are doing it and make a note of the days you are doing it (like day 1 and next day u change it to day 2 and so on) to keep you accountable.

Sara Z.
Yes, don't put it off and say "I will start again tomorrow." No, start today, right now even. Watch YouTube workout videos, watch health videos, those always motivate me. Anytime you start feeling not motivated to do it, just do it and then meditate and observe how good you feel after working out. Set yourself up to do the workout, leaving your running shoes by your bed, laying out your workout clothes, etc.

Janet P.
First i will yell jou a bit about me. I am a martial arts instructor. I have exercised mij whole life. A few years ago I had a injury that kept me from exercising for over a year. When I got back to exercising I noticed that I compared myself to how I used to be. That doesn't work accept that you have been sitting still and are out of shape. If you want to start set a timer. Also put a consequence for when you don't exercise. And to make it easier use put the same time for everytime you exercise.

Suzimara Q.
Start off slow. And if you miss a couple days don't just say "oh well I missed a day no point in continuing" keep going, change it up and make it fun.

Valerie P.
Start small. Even 10 min count and it doesn’t have to be something intense at all. As long as it is something you enjoy doing and will make you feel good on the inside.

Amalie C.
Pick a form of exercise that you truly enjoy. It's okay if you don't always look forward to it – it's still exercise and especially in the beginning it can be difficult to remember why you like it.
Treat exercise as any other appointment or agreement: write it down in your planner, set an alarm in your phone, whatever you need to make sure you get started. For some time I have had a reminder in my phone with a text note attached that reminded me of how much better I'd feel if I exercised (vs. not doing that).
Set ambitious goals if that is what motivates you. If you're like me and that's more likely to freak you out, set extremely small goals. Sometimes showing up is enough.
If you like, try to find an exercise buddy. They will keep you accountable, but they can also just make exercising more enjoyable!

Frederik U.
I would start small. Like really really small.
I suffer from MS and so my fitness has been lost for years. But that has changed with this app. Because I have realised that 5 minutes of something is more than nothing.
So for the last 2 weeks or so I have been doing 5 minutes of yoga from an app.
I started off very wobbly but slowly I have regained some of my balance and stamina. Next week I will do 7 minutes and I will slowly but surely increase this to a decent amount of daily exercise.
And if some days I can't manage longer exercise then I'll do my 5 minutes and I'll be happy and triumphant!
Good luck 🤞

Alma Y.
Start small! Do little and simple exercises every day. Remenber to celebrate after every day you are able to achieve your goal. Keep in mind your objectives, why are you exercising? What do you want to achieve? What will be the positive effects if you exercise every day? Write them down and put the answers somewhere it is easy for you to read. This is what I do, it should help motivate you! Do not give up!

Rasmus F.
Pick something you enjoy doing or have done in the past. I sometimes put on a song that I really like and dance to it remembering some good times I had with friends

Berit O.
In my experience, cultivating an exercise habit is more about the habit than the exercise. I started my exercise habit with a 3 minute timer to do yoga. I have it in my morning routine to do before I even leave my bedroom or change out of my pajamas. It was such a small commitment, and so simple to start, that it made it easier for me to continue it daily. As I've been consistent for about two months of this, I've naturally been inspired to up the difficulty and length. Now I'm doing a full sun salutation combined with body weight exercises like push-ups. By the end of the sequence, my heart is thumping. If I ever feel discouraged to follow through one day, I reign back the difficulty and/or length. Building the muscle of consistency, of showing up, is the foundation before my physical muscles can grow.

Glen E.
Watching motivational videos usually helps me, it boosts my energy. It makes me focus, for a short time, on the goal, which pushes me to the exercise.

Magnus P.
Probably to start off small but consistent. Something like a ten minute walk every day, out going to three fun an using just the treadmill twice a week