How do you manage to eat healthy breakfast every morning at your place? I switched to eating healthy breakfast but I still occasionally do it at work. Is that ok, or should I strive for perfection and eat my first meal at home.

Glen P.
I make a green smoothie or over night oats the night before. I basically make a mobile meal in preparation to make sure I stay on track. That could mean buying something if your not the “cooking type”. Planning = achievement for me.
Julie E.
I eat my breakfast at home, before work. It’s almost the same every day (to save time, no need to create a new one every day). It’s usually eggs with vegetables. I work remotely so it’s much easier to eat breakfast at home – no need to commute.
However, there’s no need to be perfect. If you eat at the office but it’s healthy- no problem. Also, if from time to time you eat something unhealthy don’t punish yourself. We’re not robots.
Hadrien E.
I think it’s okay as long as you feel energized by your meal. If you notice energy dips, you should think how to change the situation and maybe indeed starting your day with a breakfast at home.
Nuran T.
I don't think striving for perfection is productive in any context! I think eating a healthy breakfast at work is absolutely fine, and is something I often do to ensure I can eat a proper breakfast and get enough sleep (which is also very important for health)
Karl August U.
You should sleep early and wake up early so you have more time to eat breakfast at home. You could also prepare things the night before.
Lorraine F.
First of a well done for making a positive change in your life! Having a healthy breakfast sets you up for success everyday. I wouldn’t beat yourself up about exactly when you manage to achieve this. You’re doing it so that is itself is an achievement! I strive to eat breakfast before I leave for work but if I’m short on time I’ll have it at the office. Luckily my company provides fruit for everyone so it’s easy to grab a banana before sitting down at my desk. Good luck keeping up your healthy habits! The Fabulous app has done wonders for me to help me stay on track and I feel like all the little tweaks are really working! 🙂
Ka S O.
Give yourself enough time to be able to have breakfast at home by walking up early and planning the night before so that you have what you need to have breakfast at home in the morning.
Sophie C.
I think the important thing is to make it easy for you to stick to the habit. I have also found that it’s easier for me to eat breakfast at work so that’s what I do
Thea Z.
Do you eat healthy at work? Do you feel that a later breakfast effects you negatively in any way? If not I don’t see a problem. It’s still a good habit, wether you eat your breakfast at home or at work. I dont have the opportunity to eat breakfast at work so I eat at home. But sometimes I switch places on my habits, I’m not doing them in the same order every day. As long as I do them I think it’s fine.
Erika E.
What I do is make my breakfast the evening before so when I come out of bed, I only need to eat it en I'm of to work. If I can't make it the evening before, I will put all the ingredients on the table, so I can make it in the morning without having to search for everything.
Anna Z.
I leave home at 6am each morning, so eating when I get to work around 8am is a better time for me to eat anyway. I take yogurt and grab a skinny coffee and flick through my emails at my desk while I eat. It’s a gradual transition into my busy day and I thrive on that routine.
Rafael F.
It is ok. Do not strive to perfection. It only leads to frustration. Trying to reach something that is not realistic. Strive to being consistent. And after a while you will realise that you ARE forming a new habit in taking healthy breakfast. At that moment, you can try to improve from consistent to perfection.
Wyatt F.
I would think this is more about choosing a healthy breakfast rather than where you have it… I guess it would be a more mindful experience at home rather than your desk though… (I work at home so I am lucky, but I do like to go to healthy cafes often for breakfast)
Alma Z.
I pre make all my breakfasts. Egg cups in muffin tins and oat meal in muffin cups that way I always have a quick healthy breakfast that can be eaten at home or taken with me to work. Quick easy healthy that’s how I stay on track.
Amandine O.
Always do what’s best for you that day. Remember to have options and pack breakfast bars in your bag for emergencies. A packet of oatmeal can easily be made at work or office when running late.
Heinz Otto O.
Try to eat at home if you can. That way you have energy to get ready and function by the time you get to work but also burn off some calories which is good in the long run. Note if you get tired after eating – I always go for a walk or run after breakfast to wake up. Also helps save money if you buy food outside.

Sometimes it can be a good idea to divide your breakfast in two parts. Such as, eat a breakfast, exercise then when you get to work, have a small (!!!!) snack to get your brain going.

Ralph X.
I don’t have time at work to eat a good and healthy breakfast so I wake early in the morning, 6 am generally, and consume my food
Edward Y.
No such thing as perfection! Just do your best to get breakfast every day. Meal prep works for me. I also have bars and instant oatmeal and protein powder in my locker at work. Good Luck!
Adam U.
I would try to eat breakfast at home where you have less chance to be tempted by unhealthy options. You should make time to have breakfast, it’s the most important meal.
Lynn O.
I don’t think it matters where you eat it so much as the healthy part of it so it’s about getting good fuel in for the day before you start eating junk because you didn’t have breakfast.
Julio I.
I'm a college student so I settle for an omelette of three eggs with bread every morning. It usually keep me full till 1pm.
Salvatore A.
It would probably be dependent on your type of job and schedule. I am nurse, so when I work, I work very long hours. I work in a critical care patient unit. On a good day, I barely sit down to eat.
On the days, I work, I usually will have my blender and smoothie ingredients ready to go. I am up at 4:45am, I make a liter of smoothie filled with superfoods. I drink 500ml as I drive to work. I pick up a coffee and I start work. I am usually on my feet for most of the 12 hour shift I work. At around 2pm, I take a time to drink the 2nd 500 ml of smoothie. I also will eat a boiled egg or quinoa, a small piece of cheese and water also. That usually keeps me going til 8. On the way home, I will eat some raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruits I packed the night before.
I hope that helped. I do a lot of prep work to make sure I eat healthy. That really works for me.
G Lsen R.
I actually still haven’t been able to crack the healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, I usually go without breakfast which isn’t very good at all! I’ll be trying to manage this in the next week.
Willard E.
I suppose it doesn’t matter where you it, at home or at work, as long as you eat healthy not a rush-suger filled breakfast you are fine.
Lonnie P.
Food is food. Are you eating something? Then good job, keep up the great work. You could always meal prep and eat it at work or home, if it makes you feel better. "Overnight Oats" is one of my favorites, but googling "breakfast meal prep" should turn up a lot of good ones.
Tobias A.
I wake up quite early, around 5:30, to have my long morning routine which prepares me for the day, therefore I eat breakfast at home, sometimes twice :). I think it’s better to have a schedule and stick to it. It also needs less thinking so you can concentrate on making quality decisions during the day. Hope it’s helpful for you :).
Peyton W.
You should not try to achieve perfection in the beginning, just make sure that you are eating a healthy breakfast everyday and wait for it to become a natural habit and then you can shift to eating at home everyday.
Kunigunda C.
Give yourself time, work towards your goal, but don't push it, belive in your self and give your self a pat on the back for getting this far ❤️
L Cio Y.
Personally, I am trying to consistently link my healthy habits to things that bring me joy. The morning light at home is a happy trigger for me to eat a healthy breakfast. The sound of the blender brings me fully awake. If I skip this, or eat on the go, I find myself missing the taste of my green smoothie all day. My husband joins me in this new habit has created new meaning for both of us.
Kayla B.
I eat my healthy breakfast at work most mornings. I do it because it gives me more time in the morning to do other meaningful things
Agathe U.
I eat a light morning snack at home around 5:30 am (boiled egg, fruit, 2 protein bars, 1/2 cup of dry Cheerios, etc) and again at work around 10 am ( oatmeal, grits with a boiled egg, fruit salad, breakfast prepared the night before. To me what's important is that I eat a healthy breakfast & throughout the day.
Jacqueline U.
It's okay to not be perfect and skip breakfast once in a while. Keeping up with habits is hard sometimes but you should try your best to eat a great, filling breakfast because that's what will help you feel energized all day.
Malou P.
I wouldn’t focus on eating breakfast at home vs work as good vs bad. What works for you and keeps you consistent is great. For example, most days I eat a protein bar or half a shake and then work out (if I eat less, I get too tired while working out and if I eat more, I get nauseous). Then after working out I eat a bit more for breakfast, sometimes at home and sometimes at work….in my mind, the most impt thing is that I feel good and keep going to the gym.
Heinz Otto S.
I’m not perfect, I am getting better. I try to make things routine and have my breakfast at home when I start my morning habits. I find that if I try and eat as I’m going, or on the go at anytime of day I don’t get to enjoy meal time and I tend to eat more convenient unhealthy food.
Prac Dio P.
For me, a first mael at home helpes me prepare for the day. I feel more energized and it gives me satisfaction. When I have an early start I prepare (part of) my breakfast in the evening…
Jesse U.
I personally feel like you should be able to eat at work if that’s what you need to do. As long as you are making healthy choices, it shouldn’t matter where you are eating.
Soham O.
I will eat at home if I have time but if I'm on the run I usually packet to go like I'll microwave egg whites and oatmeal and it comes like a pancake that you can take and eat in the car or I sometimes pick up Starbucks which has the world egg in Fruit cheese box I always have a black coffee but that's how I've been managing but yeah by eat at home then it's totally okay but I think you can eat breakfast on the run like you can grab apple and peanut butter and kind of eat that as you drive I don't know if that's dangerous for you but that's what I do
Courtney Z.
I don’t know. Find a diet that works for you, your body, and most importantly, your mind. I intermittent fast so “breakfast” doesn’t happen for me till 10 or 11 after my body has used all of the leftovers from the day before. It had been outstanding for me
Nora A.
Perfection is impossible. I keep oatmeal at work and grab the occasional drive through breakfast sandwich and it’s all bett than having a donut from the break room.
Ida X.
The perfect thing is one you can stick to. Congrats on switching to healthy breakfast. I think maybe have a few mixed nuts before you leave home, so you're getting some food in your first hour awake and have bfast at the office 🙂
Teresa S.
I think that it is better to have it at home, make time because by having it at joke it’s a ritual and it becomes sacred, something special.
Eckhard O.
I don't have many opportunities to eat at my work and have just a healthy food in my kitchen, so I must eat healthy if I want to do it at all. But I think at perfection it's nothing good and you can let off a bit occasionally if you generalny stick to the plan
Lea Z.
I mange to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning by waking up earlier than I use to and work out and after that I eat a healthy breakfast I stop doing bad habits I would do so I could fit eating breakfast and working out in the morning
Goran P.
I don't. This morning, i woke up at a friend's house. I had brought fruit and croissants along to make sure we would have a great breakfast.

Usually I take some time in the evening to prepare my breakfast. Peeling fruit takes time you know.

On days when I have to travel far, I often eat in my car on the way there. It makes me happy I prepared good food for myself and that I'm not starving until I arrive or eat some simple candy like breakfast.

So, go with what works for you 🙂

Ignatz T.
I rarely eat breakfast at home. I usually have a protein shake on the train ride to work or at work. I think it's ok to eat at work. Although, if you are able yo eat at home, I think that is good too, especially if you are going for mindful eating.
Louanne S.
I have a consistent schedule, and the first thing I do is eat breakfast. I made sure I have time for everything else, including things I might not be expecting. If you want to eat breakfast at home consistently, you might want to wake up a little earlier. If not, I think it's great that you still manage to eat breakfast at work, and it's a good one. But it's your choice.
Andreas U.
Sometimes I forget. But when eating comes to mind even at work I make a true effort. Thats all i can do. The Mental environment I am in today was better then yesterday day.
Kazim G.
You should definitely try to eat it at home, if you are in a hurry every day try to wake up earlier so that you have more time for yourself, good luck, sure you’ll make progress!!
Jason U.
I eat my breakfast at work in the mornings too. I start early (6:30 is the latest start time) and I’m not hungry that early. So I got a small soup thermos and put my oatmeal in it. I like the old fashioned oats better, they have more texture, I mix them with Flax seed meal and cinnamon and apple or pumpkin butter. Or mix the oats with Chia seeds and add flavored stevia drops or just cinnamon. Half a bannana can make it taste like banana bread!

The boiling water in the thermos will cook the oats or you can set it up in a microwaveable container and put it in the fridge the night before. Just heat it in the morning and load the thermos. Fast and yummy.

Jessica C.
With my work schedule I work on call quite a bit. Sometimes it is not feasible for me to have a breakfast at home, either because of being called in in the middle of the night or being called in in the middle of my morning routine. If I do have to eat breakfast at work I try to stick to my guidelines of having high protein and fat with little sugar to keep me going through the day, especially if I am already exhausted.
Silas Z.
I eat all my beaksfasts at work so before my work week I make sure I stock up and plan my meals so that in the morning I can just grab and go
Josefine N.
I eat out every time. I am looking to buy insta oatmeal and other suggested items in your article to make breakfast low maintenance item.
Halina O.
Awesome you’ve switched to healthy breakfast. Go you! I prep on the weekends and/or the night before. It is okay to not hit perfection. Do the best you can and keep moving forward.
Dwayne F.
My definition of a healthy breakfast is unique to me. I eat a bowl of fermented vegetables and take a handful of supplements for my breakfast. I pack a protein shake the night before and take it to work with me then drink that during the morning while at work. I would have difficulty fixing and eating a big breakfast at home every morning. So maybe I’m cheating? But it is working well for me.
Kim E.
Hi there! Honestly I’ve just been focusing on eating the healthy breakfast and not where it’s happening. I’m only strict about making sure I don’teat and work at the same time. 🙂
Korinna A.
Just don't skip it. That's the first step to a new habit. Try to eat at home but be kind to yourself. If eating at work, try not to eat it behind your computer but eat it somewhere, sitting down, enjoying a mindful breakfast.
Rose O.
I've found that getting up a little earlier to have a relaxing meal at home makes my day go smoother. I enjoy the peace of my own space.
Elias C.
Do what works best for you. If that means having breakfast at work, then do that! Personally, I like to make my shakes in the evening before bed, refrigerate overnight and blend again in the morning. Maybe this is something you can try too? You can even drink it on the way into work if you aren't much of a consumer early in the morning. The point is to make this a habitual process and to do what works for YOU. No two people's journey are going to be the same. You're doing great and I'm so proud of you.
Sergio F.
Eat at home, at night think about what you want to eat the following morning and make those items easily available at your sight, then you will probably notice everything is already set to place so it will be much easier
Elias C.
I only eat breakfast at home on the weekends. I have to be at school by 7 for practice, and I can’t eat too close to practice, so I just eat after practice. As long as it’s healthy and at a relatively consistent time, you’re golden.